Marketing Campaigns

Need to put together a marketing campaign and don’t know where to start?
Gloss Marketing can help.

Media Selection

Rolling out a marketing campaign to your target customers can involve many different pieces. From Social Media and Emails through to Flyers, Newspaper Advertising, Radio and more – the options for promoting your campaign are wide and varied. Gloss Marketing can help you to select the best marketing mediums to advertise your business.

Design and Rollout

Gloss marketing can help with the creative design of selected marketing mediums, from radio scripts through to social media artwork and flyer design.

We also schedule all assets to rollout your campaign so that your marketing hits your target markets at the same time – from printing assets to scheduling social media posts.

Post Campaign Reporting

Here at Gloss Marketing we want you to know that you get value for money. We can provide you with post campaign reporting for each piece of marketing collateral rolled out for your campaign – from flyer distribution reports through to email open rates, click throughs and social media traction.

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