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How often are you updating the content of your website?

How often are you updating the content of your website?

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How often are you updating the content of your website?

Now I’ve got poor network connection. I’m so glad I’ve just got my MBN. So, I have a new phone, and I am super-excited because I’m able to do live videos on my phone now without my voice sounding all Darth Vadery, which is what was happening.

So I thought I would quickly jump on and give you a quick tip around content on your website. So how often do you update the content on your website? And when I ask people these questions, probably, okay, nearly all of them said they don’t. So it’s a really good idea to update the content on your website at least once a year, if not more.

It really depends on when it’s outdated. And when I’m talking about content, I’m not just talking about the Web pages either. I’m talking about your blog posts too. So for SEO purposes, you should at least go through your blogs once a year and have a look at them. And if you’re giving tips and advice, update anything that needs to be updated. So, for example, I’ll go through my blogs, and I might have things on there from 18 months ago, that are Facebook tips.

Now a lot of those are probably outdated, because Facebook has done a lot of changes. So I go through, and I actually update that blog, and I add any extra information that I need to. So my content is kept fresh, so when people are searching for things that maybe “Facebook tips perf,” for example, and my blog comes up, that what they’re actually finding is fresh content, because if the content’s not actually fresh and it’s not up to date, people will stop reading it, and it won’t be as visible in the search results. So make sure that you update your content at least once a year.

Anything that is outdated you need to change, and go through your blogs and update any of them as well. Have a great day.


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