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Build your site for your target audience not yourself!

Build your site for your target audience not yourself!

Build your site for your target audience not yourself!

Build your site for your target audience not yourself!


It is so easy to get caught up with your own feelings and opinions towards your marketing material. We have all been in the position where we give our feedback on a website because we like it or don’t like it. This common occurance is one of the reasons why every business needs to think of CRO or Conversion Rate Optimisation when developing or refreshing their website.

Conversion Rate Optmisation is the process of increasing conversions (enquiries, click through rate, sales etc) without increasing the number of new visitors to the website.

With any good digital strategy, you should have clearly outlined your objectives and KPI’s (key performance indicators) and therefore using the different measures of CRO you can work towards reaching the set KPIs.

CRO takes on many forms, how you optimise each page on your website to increase conversions will depend on the type of website you have, what your set KPI’s are and what your end goal is. For example adding a Call to Action (Call us now, Book Now) on a page is a form of CRO and this can make your page more engaging and result in a higher conversion of enquiries, or you may have a shopping cart that doesn’t invite users to buy – simply changing the colour or placement of the Buy Now button or My Cart section is a form of CRO and can increase website sales.

Each website should be broken down into stages based on the pages/steps it takes to reach the end goal. This process is known as a conversion funnel.

There is a higher volume of users at the very beginning of the process and as they proceed through the conversion funnel they begin to drop off. This process should qualify the user and result in a conversion at the end however without CRO you may find more users drop off at the beginning of the funnel without moving through.

At each stage of your conversion funnel you need to consider the user, think about how they got there, what they might be looking for, what do they want to do when they find the information they are after etc.  If you have not optimised your page for the user as they proceed through the decision making process to either continue to make an enquiry or continue to add the product to their cart, checkout and buy, then you may find that a high percentage of visitors to your site are dropping off when they shouldn’t.

Here are some things to consider when evaluating your site to improve CRO;

  • Call to Actions – Do you have them on your site and are they clear and easy to find?


  • Online Value Proposition – Define what it is and make it a known.


  • Does your website appeal to your target audience? Are the graphics and content relevant to the page? Is it easy to navigate and view? And not crowded and so busy that users don’t know where to look first.


  • Is your website easy to use? Can users find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently, or if you have an online store can users view your products and buy then seamlessly.


  • Does your site have trust and credibility? Testimonials, reviews, case studies, social proof are a few ways to gain trust by site users which in turn may encourage them to stay.


There are a number of tools available online to measure CRO and if it’s working. Google Analytics and Crazy Egg are two tools that you should install on your site that will help you measure the conversion funnel and work through each stage to improve CRO.

There are so many components to conversion rate optimisation that we could discuss, however this is a brief overview of what it is and some simple steps to look at to try improve your online conversions.


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