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What you need to know about Facebook Advertising

What you need to know about Facebook Advertising

What you need to know about Facebook Advertising

What you need to know about Facebook Advertising

Do you want to build lasting relationships with people and find new clients? If the answer is yes then Facebook Advertising is for you. Advertising within Facebook is very powerful and if done correctly, can hugely affect your reach, engagement and sales for your business.


Whilst there is a lot to learn about Facebook Advertising, one of the most important things you need to know is:


It’s all about your Audience!


You can pretty much target anyone on Facebook these days as they provide you with very specific options to build an audience for your ads. From basic demographics (age, gender, location, language), Interests, Behaviours (purchases, device usage), Connections (whether they’re already connected to your page or not) through to building a custom audience which targets existing people you have collected data on, you pretty much can reach anyone on this platform.


Now because it’s all about the audience, it becomes very important to correctly define who you want to target. If you don’t know who your target audience is, you will spend a lot of money for your ads to show to the wrong people.


In addition to defining your audience, here are a couple of other “must knows” of Facebook Advertising.


  • It’s going to cost money. You need to set a budget for your advertising spend. Whilst you can boost a post for just $10, you may also need $200 to run one ad campaign for 2 weeks. Again we go on about the audience but when you know who you are targeting, it is easier to work out what ad campaign to run and from there it becomes easier to see how much you need to spend to reach people in this audience and see results. Also, be realistic, it doesn’t come cheap so you need to set a decent amount of money towards your campaigns.
  • You can see what interests and demographics other businesses are using to target you. Follow you competitors and when/if you see one of their ads in your newsfeed, click on the arrow in the top right hand corner and select “Why am I seeing this Ad”. A pop up will display that shows you the targeting they have used for the campaign. This just helps you understand their target audience and gives a few hints of what interests you can also use for targeting.
  • Don’t Boost Posts straight from your page. When you boost a post directly from your page you are limited with your audience targeting. Plan out your posts and prepare the ones you want to boost and after waiting 24 hours since the post went up, go into Ads Manager and under the campaign objective “Engagement” you can select Boost post and do it this way.


Spend some time in Audience Insights within Ads Manager and start building audiences up for future campaigns. It is very interesting and very powerful…enjoy exploring!


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