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Why You Should Upgrade To An Instagram Business Account

Why You Should Upgrade To An Instagram Business Account

Why You Should Upgrade To An Instagram Business Account

Why You Should Upgrade To An Instagram Business Account

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to upgrade to an Instagram Business Account. Instagram have always been quite basic with the tools available to users and finally have given people the option to separate business from personal profiles. So, if you’re using Instagram for your business and haven’t made the switch, here are some things you’re missing out on:


You have contact details. Previously, the only clickable option on Instagram was the bio link, but now for business accounts, you can have a contact button which gives the user the option to email you, phone you or find your location on a map. This lets you keep your Bio link free for any url’s you want to send people to.

call to action

You have access to Analytics. In the past, the only way to get any data on how your Instagram is performing you would have to use third party apps – both free and paid. Now, in a business profile, you can see the total impressions (views) for each post, the reach, (how many people actually saw your posts), your profile views, website clicks, call clicks and email clicks. It will also show you insights for your Story, your followers including demographics, what days and times they are active, and lastly, reporting on any promotions you have run.

instagram insights

To access Insights, click the Chart icon at the top of the page.


You can promote a post. You can promote any post that you have shared to a specified audience. When clicking promote, you can select the call to action button (i.e learn more), your target audience, set a budget and allocate a time frame for your promotion to run. You will then see these results in Insights.


It is really easy to switch to an instagram business profile. Go to your Instagram account and click on settings and select the option “Switch to Business Profile”. Follow the steps and you’re on your way!

switch to business profile

If you want to up your Instagram skills or have some questions you want answered, join us at our upcoming Instagram Workshop on Saturday 26th August in Perth, please click here for more information.


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