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The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Groups

The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Groups

Facebook groups

The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a fantastic way to get your name and business out there and make genuine connections with others in a similar industry/situation. BUT there is an etiquette to Facebook groups and here are my top 3 Do’s and Don’ts.

My top 3 Do’s:

Read the rules of the group. When you join a group you should always go and read the rules – admin have created the group and posted the rules for a reason. The rules usually will explain what you can and can’t post and on what days are themed for specific types of posts in an attempt to keep control and order within the group. Don’t be lazy either – typing “admin please delete if not allowed” is simply not acceptable for getting out of reading and following the rules of the group.

Join the group for the right reason. There are many groups to join on Facebook and they all have a different purpose so be sure to join for the right reason. Joining a community group to simply push your business would be the wrong reason – you would be part of the community group to keep up to date with locals to discuss the happenings and future planning of the area, answer questions, and offer advice within the community. Of course, if someone asks about a product or service you can definitely comment with your business!

Be Active. To make the most out of being in a group you need to participate. Each day scroll through the posts within the group and take an active role in commenting on posts where you can, offer advice and support where needed, ask questions you may have, and welcome new members.

My top 3 Don’ts:

Don’t Post the same content at the exact same time across all the groups you’re active in. I’m sure everyone reading this has seen a group member post the exact same content across all the groups you are both a part of. Look at the themes for the day (check out those group rules lol) and also what the purpose of the group is for and post at the right time rather than spam every group you’re in. You won’t get the engagement or the results you’re after as people simply get annoyed.

Don’t promote yourself at every opportunity. There are many reasons why the group has been formed and they aren’t all for promotion and sales. Again, it all comes down to the rules of the group. Offer your advice when asked but try not to promote your business at every opportunity. Sometimes, it’s better to give your advice just because that is the culture of the group rather than trying to get a new client. But there are definitely groups out there that are simply created for promotion so be sure to get involved in these ones to promote your business regularly!

Don’t ask for free advice. Ok this is a tricky one – on one hand you as a business owner need to be active and take part in group discussions but at the same time as an individual you can’t expect to ask for free advice. Groups are created to support likeminded individuals but it can also be a platform where people constantly ask questions and want advice of a variety of things and the question of “is this free advice and should they pay for this” gets brought up very often. In most cases, the answers people need, come in the form of a product, service or someone else’s experience. A business that sells a product can comment on a post and advise the member to try their product or refer them to try another product that they have used before with success, but they don’t offer the product for free. However if you’re in a service based business, the advice you can offer is sometimes that of the actual service you offer – a paid service that is. Be mindful not to expect other members to give you the advice you’re after without requesting that they contact you offline to discuss further or that you book in with them to discuss further.

Overall, Facebook groups can be extremely beneficial to you as an individual as well as a business owner. If you follow the rules and stay true to your values you will become a well-known group member and see the benefits of the online community you’re part of.


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