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Social Media Mistakes You Don’t Even Know You’re Making

Social Media Mistakes You Don’t Even Know You’re Making

Social Media Mistakes You Don’t Even Know You’re Making

The most common complaint we hear from businesses about social media is that they’re not getting any engagement or reach. When we take a look at their business profiles we can generally see a common theme among them. Here are the top 5 mistakes we see businesses making on social media, that we’re pretty sure they aren’t even aware of.


  1. Trying to be on Every Platform

There are so many social media platforms out there, but you don’t need to be on them all. Only choose the platform that suits your business and is where your target audience is.

Be strategic, if you’re starting out on social media, then just pick one platform and do it well. It will be a lot more effective than spreading yourself too thin across multiple platforms just because you want to have a presence.

And remember, there are some social media platforms, like Instagram that may not suit your business. Would you really find photos a plumber puts up on Instagram appealing?


  1. Cross Posting

This is my pet hate, when a business posts the same piece of content across all their social media channels at the same time. Not only is this lazy but each social platform has their own features and functions. When you see a bunch of hashtags at the end of a Facebook post you know they have just shared it from Instagram.

It might appear to be convenient or quick, but the same content doesn’t always work on all social media platforms. And if you’re like us, you would have a slightly difference audience on Twitter than we do say Facebook, which means we use a different tone of voice and try to target those specific people on Twitter, which is a different way to how we target on Facebook.


  1. Over Promoting Your Products and Services

Here’s the thing…most people go onto social media to hang out and see what their friends are doing. When you constantly are promoting your business, even if you think you’re doing it in a subtle way by relating all your posts back to your website, (it’s not subtle!) people get annoyed and tune out.

Imagine walking into a shopping centre and every time you walked past a shop, the shop owner would shout out to you about everything they had in store. I’m sure after the 3rd or 4th time it would get pretty annoying and you would leave.


  1. Ad hoc Posting.

Forgot to post on social media today? So, you just put something up for the hell of it so you’ve got a post right? WRONG! Posting for the sake of posting can actually hurt your chances of being seen.

You need to develop a clear strategy for each social media platform and then plan your posts out and schedule them for the times when you’re likely to get the most engagement.

If you don’t plan out your social media, it’s not going to work for you.


  1. Posting too Much/too little

Yes, there is such a thing! Don’t post anymore than twice a day on Facebook, and even then we think it’s too much! (Unless you’re a media or news publisher.) We recommend no more than once a day on Facebook and if you have less than 500 likes/followers you can push it to every second day until you build them up. Anything more than twice a day and you’ll find likes and comments drop off.

If you’re wanting Twitter to work for you aim for around 3 tweets a day, these can be retweets also. And for Instagram you can kind of go crazy, but we say aim for 2 – 4 posts per day.

One of the most common reasons for people unfollowing businesses is because they post too much.


There you have it! We’d love to hear if you’ve got anything else to add to the list! And if you’re looking for more social media tips, be sure to follow us on FACEBOOK, where we’ve got weekly tips of all things marketing.


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