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Micro Influencers

Micro Influencers

Micro Influencers

If you’ve read any of my previous blogs or articles published on WA Today, you may see a trend that a lot of them talk about influencers. You could be forgiven for thinking that I’m not a fan of them (ok I’m not 😊) but it’s a specific type of “influencer” I see no value in. I do believe there is a place for influencer marketing but more along the lines of micro influencers. Those that have fewer followers, a stronger community and that don’t hawk every product under the sun.


These micro influencers generally have a niche that they are passionate about, don’t refer to themselves as “influencers” (this is something that makes me cringe) and the products and services they talk about are ones they have an interest in and would use/have even if they weren’t given to them for free or engaged to promote them.


I see again and again businesses in Perth jumping on the influencer bandwagon and inviting people that have a large following that is fake and sending them product as they are uneducated or too lazy to look into the so-called influencer properly. These businesses are simply wasting money and guaranteed not getting any return on investment.


It’s my hope that brands wake up and realise that follower count is not as important and they start focusing on engagement. If an account has 30,000 followers and their posts average 200 likes, this is very low engagement. As an account grows its followers, yes engagement will decrease, but if it dips below 1% I would steer well clear. The account might have legit followers but the content that’s being posted isn’t engaging enough to their followers.


Micro influencers on the other hand as compared to influencers with larger followings deliver 60% higher engagement rate. This is because with a smaller targeted following they are able to connect with their audience more effectively.


There has been a pivot recently towards Ambassadors, which is a longer-term strategy. Ambassadors don’t necessarily have to have a following on social media. They need to have a strong network in which they can help raise awareness about your product or service. It’s important that their values align with your brands and that they are a good fit. Again, don’t go for popularity. You want Ambassadors that can reach your intended target audience.


Ambassadors usually start on a 12-month agreement. And do make sure you have a clear agreement in place. Research people you’d like as Ambassadors and ensure they aren’t already an ambassador for 10 different companies as it will juts dilute your brand.


Remember…bigger is not always better.


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