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The Latest Changes in Social Media

The Latest Changes in Social Media

The Latest Changes in Social Media

We’re doing the hard work for you and keeping up to date on everything…here’s what has changed recently in the world of social media.



Target Offline Activity

There are new audiences and targeting in the world of Facebook advertising. You can now create a custom audience based on offline activity.


These are people who have interacted with your business in store, by phone or other channels. You need to be tracking offline conversions for this audience. For more information on tracking offline conversions click here.


New Message Objective for Facebook Ads

Get your customers to have more conversations with you in messenger. The ad will reach more people likely to reply to your business and it’s best used in conjunction with click to messenger ads.



The biggest news is that Twitter has doubled its character count to 280. The biggest reason for this is the character limit is a major cause of frustration for people tweeting in English, but it is not for those tweeting in Japanese.


I quite liked the 140 character limit as it meant people had to be quite succinct.



Shopify Integration

Shopify has expanded it’s Instagram integration by opening up it’s Instagram shopping features to thousands more. Essentially Shopify customers can use Instagram as an additional channel.


Polling Sticker

I’m already over this change as almost every Insta story I see has a poll now. If you haven’t yet seen it, the feature allows you to ask a question with 2 answer options being “yes” or “no”.


Improved Comment Control

If you’ve got a public profile you can choose who can comment on your post and block certain users from being able to comment on your posts.


There are a lot of other changes in Beta testing at the moment, that are being tested in other countries, so we will wait to see if these eventually get rolled out. You may have heard Facebook testing something called “Explore” where they are moving publishers content out of the news feed. They tested this in 6 markets, none of which were Australia and they released a blog post recently stating they had no plans to roll the test out further, so no need to panic.


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