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January 2018 Social Media Wrap Up

January 2018 Social Media Wrap Up

Social Media Update

January 2018 Social Media Wrap Up

There have been some big changes in the world of social media in January and boy did Facebook have people scrambling.


Facebook News Feed Change

Facebook announced they are changing the news feed to get back to what Facebook was originally about, creating connections with friends and families. They will be prioritising posts from the people you’re connected with rather than public posts from news publishers and businesses.


This was a long time coming and will really force businesses to produce quality content that is relevant to their audience and something they are interested in. I know me personally have reduced the amount of time I spend on Facebook as my news feed was cluttered with content I didn’t care about and I was missing what my friends and family were posting!


If you put all of your efforts into Facebook this will affect you most. Lesson is – don’t rely on one marketing platform to drive your sales.


Ability to Follow Hashtags

OK so technically this happened in December, but hey…


If you haven’t yet seen this on Instagram you can now not only follow accounts but also hashtags. Which means you don’t have to go searching hashtags to find what you’re looking for, simply just follow them and they will appear on your feed.


And if you’re after user generated content, encourage users to follow your branded hashtag. (Don’t forget to follow your own hashtag so you can keep an eye on it’s usage.


Highlight Feature for Insta Stories

Keep your favourite stories on your profile and add a short description. Simply click “Highlight” when watching your Insta Story and add to your profile. You can delete any you don’t want highlighted anymore.


I think this is my favourite new feature as just quietly I have a small addiction to watching Insta stories.


Pretty light on with the number of changes in January, but Facebook sure made up for it, with what will probably be the biggest update to a social network in 2018. What a way to start the year!


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