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Tips to get your Instagram started

Tips to get your Instagram started

Tips to get your Instagram started

“Instagram has now over 300 million users online and is owned by Facebook. Instagram is pretty much entirely used on mobile smart phones which makes it quite unique as a huge percentage of social media users access their profiles through their smart phones only.” This is just the introduction of what was presented at our Instagram workshop on Wednesday 21st October at The Office on Harrogate.

This was a new topic in our workshop series on a social media channel that we believe is underestimated and under utilised. Most of the attendees weren’t even active on Instagram and it’s now great to follow their accounts, see their followers building and undertaking tips and strategies they learnt at our workshop.

Here are our top tips for using Instagram:

• Use lots of photo content to create viral photo sharing. Consistency is the key here.

• If you want to share something you’ve seen on Instagram (regram) you need to give credit to the original Instagram poster. You can use the Instagram “Repost” app or if you screenshot the image and post make sure you use #regram

• Even though you can now also post landscape photos, one of the best ways to save time and compose better is to shoot square photos. This lets you save time on cropping and ensures that the essential elements in the photo won’t be cropped out later.

• Keeping momentum means staying active. Instagram needs to be a daily part of your routine.

• Cross-promote whenever you can! The trend on Instagram now is to share the love, so to speak, by tagging others or even by outright promoting other companies, products and services.

• Mix Videos and Photos. Video can generate 3 times more inbound links than written posts, and can be used to engage fans, grow your following and drive traffic

• Use a Soft Sell. Your endgame is a sale right? Don’t make it obvious. Use your photos to tell a story that resonates with your followers and subtly features your product.

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  • Create a Personal Bond. Don’t feel like everything you post needs to be a product picture. Revealing your company’s personality helps build a personal bond with your audience.


  • Share Offers and Discounts. One of the main reasons people follow brands on any platform is to get information about sales and discounts.


  • Host Giveaways and Contests. Giveaways and contests are always popular with fans and brands. They generate buzz and each side benefits.


  • Be Strategic With Your Bio Link. For personal use, Instagram is fun and spontaneous. But if you want to use it as a marketing tool, you have to be a little more calculating with it.


  • Plan posts well in advance.


Instagram is perfect for connecting with customers, its image and video-based format is ideal for increasing brand awareness and user engagement. It’s a goldmine of promotional opportunities.  

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