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Instagram Basics For Business

Instagram Basics For Business

Instagram Basics For Business

Instagram Basics For Business

Did you know that the most recent stats have noted that Instagram jumped from being the fourth most commonly used social platform to being the second, up 54% from 2017*. We always say that you need to select the platforms you choose to be on wisely, yes that’s right you don’t need to be present on everything, but if you are not using Instagram currently then maybe you should re think choice.


Like all social platforms, Instagram has its quirks that you need to learn your way around so here are our beginner tips:


Your Business profile

Tip number one – get a business profile. Why?

  • You gain the contact call to action so people can email or call you straight away.
  • You gain insights. You have them so use them! Analyse your following and compare them to your target audience to make sure you’re on track. Find out which of your posts have been getting the most engagement aka what content your audience is enjoying. See how many people are clicking through to your website. Play around with this section so that you can ensure you are optimizing your content and profile for your customers.

Have a clear business profile. Firstly, ensure your logo is your profile image so that you are easily identifiable. Your bio section should clearly share with anyone visiting who you are and what you do. Be true to your brand in this section, keep to your brands tone and professionalism level.


Plan Quality Content

Whether you’re on Instagram or not I’m sure you’d agree that social media is time consuming. So planning your Instagram images, captions and hashtags in advance is a must. This will allow you to put out quality content with every post rather than a “oh no it’s 8pm and I haven’t posted” post haha. We just use an excel spreadsheet calendar to plan all our social media posts and it’s a great way to A stay on top of your content and B if you have a VA then they can easily and clearly see what to schedule when.

If you choose to have a “pretty” grid, use Canva or Planoly to pre plan your graphic content.


Hashtags Hashtags Hashtags

… you need to use them! Where you ask? It doesn’t technically matter, but we recommend in the comments. Hashtags allow potential new customers to find you. Remember to keep your hashtags relevant to your business and target audience. It’s a great idea to set aside some time to do hashtag research and develop a list of the hashtags that you want to be using on your posts. It’s good to use a mix of popular hashtags and some less popular hashtags with the aim being to reach the “right” people.


Instagram Stories

These are a great way to show the behind the scenes of your business or use unfiltered video with tips and tricks or new product arrivals etc. Get creative with your stories by using different text, stickers and drawings. A great pro tip is to add locations where relevant to your stories so that you are discoverable to new audiences.

If you can pluck up the courage you should definitely be using the LIVE feature when possible. Plan what you are going to say and what you’re going to show if you are nervous. You can even just have you voice in the background while showing something until you’re ready to video yourself.  Remember you don’t have to share these to your story so if it doesn’t go as planned it’s only the people who saw the video live that will ever see it 😀 We do however recommend sharing it to your story.


* 2018 Social Media Marketing Industry Report


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