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How to Check Your Ad Preferences on Facebook

How to Check Your Ad Preferences on Facebook

How to check your ad preferences

How to Check Your Ad Preferences on Facebook

As a marketer, the ability to target users on Facebook based their interests or preferences is gold. It allows for more detailed targeting and to really deep dive into your target audience. As a Facebook user constantly seeing ads in my news feed for products and services that aren’t relevant to me or I’m simply not interested in, can be downright annoying.


Below is an ad that has appeared in my news feed, one that I feel isn’t targeted well as I have no interest in what is happening at Raine Square.

Facebook Ad

If you want to know why you’re seeing this ad (how you’re being targeted) click the hamburger menu top right select “Why am I seeing this?”

Tip: This is a great tool to use if you see a competitor’s ad in your news feed as you can see the base audience they are targeting!

Facebook Ad

A pop up will appear that will give you a brief explanation on why you are being targeted. In the case below it is because I fit the age demographic and have visit the city recently.

Facebook Ad

If you then click on “Manager Your Ad Preferences” a new page will appear with your interests and advertisers you’ve previously engaged with. You can select categories such as “business”, “food and drink”. You might be surprised as how many interests Facebook has gathered about you!

Facebook Ad

It is important to understand how these ad preferences come about. Facebook gathers information about you based on what you have provided when you first signed up but also from what you’re browsing and interacting with on your newsfeed and other third party websites. This then creates your Ad Preferences.

I find as a marketer who researches industries around clients, my ad preferences aren’t a true reflection on what I am interested in, so I always review these every few months. Here’s a sample of what was in my Ad Preferences. I can’t say I am interested in either!

Facebook AdFacebook Ad






There is a X top right of each of your preferences enabling you to delete them. My reviewing and removing certain ad preferences, this helps to control what ads you are being shown on or off Facebook. This won’t change the number of ads you see…you have no control over that!


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