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Have you considered Digital/Social Influencers for your business?

Have you considered Digital/Social Influencers for your business?

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Have you considered Digital/Social Influencers for your business?

There is no doubt you would have seen celebrities, TV personalities, sporting stars and the likes promoting various products and services across their social media. This is what is commonly known as an Influencer.

Social Media Influencers are a group of individuals who have a strong and active social following and help brands stay relevant. They have the power and the trust of their followers.

Influence is determined by the number of followers the person has and the reach and the engagement of what is posted. You would expect someone of local influence to have 5000K – 100,000K followers and then the likes of celebrities who would have in excess of 100,000K + followers.

Studies show that 90% of consumers trust what their peers are recommending, so if you were to have your product or service promoted by a local influencer, celebrity or sporting icon, you have a very powerful opportunity to get your product or service known to a very large and engaged audience of people.

Given we rely solely on reviews and testimonials at certain times when making buying decisions, Digital influencers can be a very useful tool in your marketing strategy.

Identifying an influencer is the most important part of your strategy. You need to align yourself with someone who will have impact on your product or service and also benefit from promoting it. Look for influencers who have a following that fits with your target audience. This is why its important to have identified whom your target audience is and create personas for each of them. (*TIP: If you have no idea who your target audience is or don’t have personas created you should come along to our Small Business Marketing Tips Workshop in Bunbury or Perth – click here for February dates).

Remember that Influencers are looking for content that their followers will engage with so its important that you take the time to understand who their followers are and what they will and won’t put their name to.

It also doesn’t just have to be about sending products for influencers to use and post about. You can look for influencers to collaborate together for blogs, articles, social media promotions, videos/podcasts, competitions, events, speaking presentations etc.

Lastly, this probably isn’t a surprise but it doesn’t come free. There are some influencers that will use your products or service and promote it because they genuinely loved it and wanted to get it out to their followers but if you’re actively seeking out an influencer to collaborate with you need to be prepared to discuss payment terms. Most Influencer’s will have a media kit which they will supply which outlines costs for blog writing, social media posts etc and others will likely discuss terms with you when you make contact.

So where do you start? Think about who your target audience is and then see if there are any key personalities in the public eye and across social media that would appeal to that audience. Then don’t be shy to make contact and let them know what it is you have to offer and request their media kit! You will be surprised at how successful this marketing strategy can be when the right collaboration occurs!


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