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How To Create A Social Media Policy That Works

How To Create A Social Media Policy That Works

How To Create A Social Media Policy That Works

How To Create A Social Media Policy That Works

To be effective as a company on social media you need the support of your staff, they are a great source of engagement. You need to be encouraging them to share the company posts on to their networks. The downside to this is that the line between social media for personal use and for work is blurred. That’s why it’s so important to have a social media policy in place for your business. A social media policy can do more than avert problems, even the most basic guidelines can benefit your business. It’s surprising then that so many businesses don’t have a social media policy in place.


Here’s how to create one that works not only for your business but for your team.


Keep It Simple

Let’s be honest, who wants to read a 20-page document. The longer your policy the more chance of it being glazed over and not being effective. Keep it short, straight to the point and is an easy language everyone can understand.


And focus on the big picture, social media is constantly changing so don’t get caught up in trying to provide specifics for each channel.


Best Buy is a great example of a social media policy that gets straight to the point.


Don’t Focus on the Can’t

Social media policies are much more effective when you focus on what your team can do and what you want them to do. You’ll find it easier to get employees on board if you take this approach. Address what’s in it for them and what you want them to take away after reading it.


What To Include

You should outline your company’s expectations, what is the expected employee behavior and conduct? (ie. To share posts that are relevant, to comment on company posts) Define what should not be shared on social media (ie. confidential information), who is responsible for your overall social media presence, how do you want your employees to talk about your products and services (this can tie into your brand guidelines). And the big one – accountability. Just remind them that they are responsible for what they publish online.


Seek Input

The best way to create a social media policy is to seek input from your employees. This will help ensure you’ve covered everything and again get the on side with it. You are after all asking them to be advocates for your company so it makes sense to get their ideas and concerns.


Once you’ve finalised your social media policy, make sure every employee gets a copy of it and its easy accessible. And remember to update it on a regular basis as social media changes rapidly.


If you’ve got any questions regarding your social media policy, or you’d like a copy of ours to see what we’ve included…email us gloss@glossmarketing.com.au we’re more than happy to help.


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