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The Benefits of Facebook Groups

The Benefits of Facebook Groups

The benefits of Facebook groups

The Benefits of Facebook Groups

How many groups on Facebook are you a part of? One or two, maybe five? I recently went and had a
look at the number of groups I am in and I manage four and are a member of 45!!! 45 frickin groups!
I was so surprised by this. And guess how many I engage with…a whole six!
I culled the groups down to 29…I figured I had better start becoming an active member in some of
them, to see if they may be of benefit. The ones I left were buy, sell, promote groups. It’s very
annoying having your newsfeed clogged with people out right promoting themselves. Building
organic relationships and trust is what I value most and believe in.
Facebook groups can be of benefit to your business, both my being an admin and a member. Here’s

Creates community

My preference is to join smaller, niche groups that have a focus on community and not
numbers! When you get to know people in the group and engage with them, this is where the
trust starts to build. The key is to find groups that are relevant to you and if you’re thinking of
starting a group, ensure your focus is on adding value and it’s not a sales pitch to try increase
your business.

Establishes your expertise

As a member of a group, there will often be people that ask questions that relate to your
expertise. For example, a lot of people ask marketing questions in groups and by me answering
them, it establishes be as a marketer and my expertise.
Although I am very aware of the fine line between offering free advice and the need for
someone to pay for consulting.

The same is true if you create a group for your business. For Gloss I have a Marketing Support
Group, that is only for people who have attended my workshops or done consulting with me.
This is a small niche group, where people can ask marketing questions and I offer tips and
advice. It is not a group that I would ever open up to anyone to join as it would lose its focus.

Helps to gain customer insight

By being a part of a group or having one linked to your business it helps you to gain valuable
customer insight. For me I look through groups to see what marketing questions members are
asking, this then forms ideas for blog topics and my marketing tips.
I can see their pain points and get an insight into marketing issues they face within their

Notification benefits

When you have a group, your members get notified when you post in it, which helps with reach.
As we know that organic reach for a Facebook page is almost non existent, a Facebook group
can help combat that.

If you are a member of a group, remember it’s a two way street. The purpose is not to self promote,
but offer your expertise and become part of the community.

And if you have a group, make sure you invest the time in it. Check in daily and if you’re just starting
out post around twice a week.


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