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Basic Social Media Metrics that Matter

Basic Social Media Metrics that Matter

Social Media Metrics

Basic Social Media Metrics that Matter

You’ve got your business set up on Facebook and Instagram, you’re getting some followers, but growth is slow. You aren’t really too sure how well social media is working for your business, there is so much jargon, what do all those numbers mean!! Sound familiar?


Social media metrics can be a little overwhelming and the number of businesses I come across that don’t measure their social media effectiveness is super high. Like anything, you need to set goals and then track those goals. But what are the metrics that matter? I’ll break it down for you.



This is simply a vanity metric. The number of followers you have doesn’t mean a thing. It’s the quality of them. What would you prefer…10,000 followers on Instagram with next to zero engagement and no enquiries OR 1000 followers on Instagram with steady engagement and an average of 1 enquiry a month? I know which I would choose.


Focus on who is making up your followers. Are they your ideal target audience and are they taking the actions you want them to?



This is the number of unique people that saw your content.  Not everyone of your followers will see your content and you’re probably seeing your reach decline on Facebook.


On Facebook reach can be either


  • Organic – the number of unique people that have seen your content for free on your news feed on page
  • Paid – the number of unique people that have seen your content through paid promotion



This is the number of times your content was shown, whether or not any action was taken with it. One person could have seen the content multiple times and each time they do it will be counted as an impression.


I prefer to focus on reach rather than impressions.


Traffic to Site

How much traffic is being driven to your website from social media? You’ll find this information in Google Analytics under Acquisition and then Channels.

social media metrics


You want to look at Sessions and then look at the specific platforms that are driving the traffic.

social media metrics

Social Media Engagement

On Facebook this is also dropping. Engagement means when someone has performed an action – commenting, liking, sharing. The engagement rate has no direct correlation with conversions, just because a post may have a high engagement rate, it doesn’t mean any of the users have taken an action you’re after.


Some posts are going to be more engaging than others (think anything to do with kittens and puppies) and the engagement rate is the first clue as to what content your audience resonates with.


Don’t make this the only metric you focus on, but don’t ignore it either.


When you look at the engagement rate on Instagram though, this is where it becomes more important than on Facebook. A higher engagement rate is a good indication that your followers are connecting with you and listening. A low engagement rate could mean bought followers, or their content is low quality.


Engagement rate on Instagram changes as your followers grow. The below data is from Quintly and is based on 180,000 + profiles, this gives you an indication on what a good engagement rate it.


social media metrics


Social Media Conversions

When I say conversion, this doesn’t just mean sales. It is any action you’d like a user to take. It could be signing up to your mailing list, visiting a certain web page, a purchase on your site or generating a lead.



At the end of the day with social media, we want to drive an outcome. An if we aren’t doing that, then it’s simply not working.



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