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8 Tips To Nail Your Social Media Channel

8 Tips To Nail Your Social Media Channel

8 Tips To Nail Your Social Media Channel

8 Tips To Nail Your Social Media Channel

I am yet to meet someone who isn’t on any form of social media these days. Even my grandparents use Facebook and Instagram. What this tells us is that it is the place to be when it comes to marketing for your business and should be where you spend a good portion of your time if you want to reach and connect with your target audience.


This is all well and good but I’m sure you have realised that mastering social media isn’t always an easy task so I have put together 8 tips for you to implement so you can nail your social media channels!


Pick the channels that work for you and get rid of the rest. Don’t be afraid to deactivate an account. You want to make sure you’re hanging out where your target audience is and not spreading yourself to thin trying to master every platform under the sun. Start small and stick the primary platforms that will work for you.


Master your content and post it when it works for you. Never post for the sake of posting as you wont get engagement from your followers and there is just no point. Plan out your posts across all channels and carefully choose content that will work for the platform you’re posting to. Check when your fans/followers are actually online and don’t just post at the times others tell you work best in general. Just because 7pm is considered to be the most popular time on social media each day doesn’t mean your followers are online and engaged at that time. Look into your stats and understand what your followers are doing so you reach them at the times that they are actually online. And, don’t be afraid to post at off peak times – there are still people online and is some cases it could only be a difference of 20 people online from peak to off peak times.


Try something new. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and try something different – like a video or insta story. If you have been putting off doing a live video then now is the time to take the leap and just do it. Trying something different every now and then will capture the attention of your followers and encourage them to interact and engage with you. Nothing drastic of course – you want to make sure you keep on brand J


Know what your goals are. Don’t go in to social media blind. Think about why you’re on the platform and what you want to achieve from it. Set these objectives and reference them each month so you can see how you’re tracking. Do you want traffic to your website? Do you want to increase your brand awareness? or Do you want sales? These are examples of objectives you may set for yourself on social media and this will enable you to create content that works towards your end goal.


Try Advertising. Most of the social media platforms have an option for advertising (well the main ones do anyway) so you should definitely factor this in to your marketing strategy. Advertising on social media is going to do one of two things for you – it will reach a targeted audience of people who are likely to engage with you and it is going to give you very accurate and detailed statistics and reporting of your ads performance so you can measure your ROAS (return on ad spend).


Work it. There is no special trick to social media other than “being social” and interacting with your followers. Use the platform as your business and communicate and engage with others. Like, comment, follow, tweet, retweet (and the rest) as your business. This will show your followers and target audience that you’re ready to engage with them. There is nothing worse than visiting a stale social media account of a business who don’t post, reply to comments or look like they care about their followers!


Test & measure. Track how you do each month across all your channels. Look at what posts performed best, look at who is engaging with you, note down your best times and days to post and look at your growth rate across each platform. These are just a few suggestions of what you should be measuring each month to know if your efforts on the platform are working.


Have fun. This is the most important! You are your brand and it is very important that social media doesn’t become boring as when you lose the fun and motivation, it will show through to your followers. Find new ways to keep your feeds fresh, updated and interesting so you are constantly in conversation with your followers and meeting new ones every day!


Good luck! If you would like any more social media tips, come along to our social media workshops in Perth and Bunbury.


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