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6 Tips for Social Media

6 Tips for Social Media

social media tips

6 Tips for Social Media

Social media has ‘virtually’ exploded over the last few years with companies starting to realise its potential to genuinely reach and engage consumers. If there’s no strategy or it’s unmanaged it won’t be as effective as it could be and can even be damaging.

Through developing a social media strategy, you can deliver relevant content, messages and offers to engage your audience, expand your reach and sell.


Here are 6 social media tips to get you started:


1. Review your social media capabilities

You need to first write down all the social networks you own and who the owner is (admin), asses your current followers, how many do you have, and what is the quality of them. For example if you have 50 followers and 40 of them are friends and family, the quality of your followers is not very high. You need to ensure your followers are your target market and advocates for your brand.

Next look at your engagement rate, are your followers interacting by liking, commenting, sharing, re-tweeting, favouriting your posts? (Family excluded!)

If your posts aren’t gaining engagement, is the social media platform right for your business? Is there another social platform that may be more effective? Look at what platforms you’re not using that may be beneficial or using that aren’t very effective.

What are your competitors doing? Apply the above points to your competitors.


2. Set Goals and Create a Social Media Plan

What do you want to achieve from each social media channels? It could be clicks to your website, brand awareness, sales or even customer service. Set specific actionable goals for the next 6 to 12 months. For example you may have a goal of 20 new email subscribers through Facebook each month. A simple goal to think about is how many followers you would like for each channel.

The next step is to think about how you’re going to use social media to reach your goals.


3. Setup/Update Your Social Media Channels

Ensure that all your social media channels are on brand and that you have proper profile photos, cover photos, icons, the descriptions etc. It all needs to be consistent.

Review your about text to ensure it’s in line with your positioning statement. And don’t forget to claim your vanity url’s! (A vanity url is a unique web address that is branded for marketing purposes)

It’s also wise to have the same user name if possible across all the platforms so people can find you easily.

Don’t go and put your company on every social media platform out there, pick the ones that will suit your company and your target audience.


4. Develop a Content Strategy

Here you need to think about your target audience and what they would want, what would they be interested in and what would engage them. List the types of content you will use for each channel. For Facebook it could be photos, videos or events and offers.

Consider other aspects of the content, will it be product related, memes, questions, links to other articles, funny and educational.


5. Increase Reach and Build Followers

There are organic and paid ways to increase your reach and build your followers. When building your followers you need to ensure they are the right followers!

• Ensure your social media icons appear on your website and email signatures
• Implement social sharing buttons
• Create a competition (sign up to enter etc)
• Use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to increase your chances of being found

• Create ads on relevant platforms specifically to increase followers
• Boost/create ads to increase your reach of a post


6. Social Media Reporting

To see how effective your social media is, you need to review it regularly. Most social media channels have their own monitoring tools. Monitor the types of posts, the time they were posted and the engagement of the posts. That will give you a clear indication of what is working.

Then make changes according to the insights. And stop using content that doesn’t work!

Social media is always evolving, so look at what popular brands are doing to garner ideas from them. And remember, social media is only one part of your overall digital marketing strategy.


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