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5 things you should do before you start Facebook Advertising

5 things you should do before you start Facebook Advertising

5 things you should do before you start Facebook Advertising

For everyone using Facebook for business you may have noticed that unless you boost a post then not many people seem to see it. We strongly believe that Facebook is pretty much becoming a paid platform.

Due to Facebook’s Algorithm – your posts don’t automatically show to everyone who likes your page – best case scenario would be your posts would reach about 10% of your total page fans. What this actually means is If you have 1000 Fans liking your page chances are only 100 of them actually see your posts.

In addition to getting your posts seen by a wider audience, Facebook advertising allows you to create targeted campaigns based on a series of objectives such as Clicks to website, raise attendance to an event & get video views just to name a few. Facebook pull information about all their users from within Facebook as well as from websites you visit and your online behavior thus allowing businesses to target a specific audience.

Before you decide to start advertising on Facebook we have put together a list of 5 things you should do first;

Define your objective. Before you boost a post or start an advertising campaign, ask yourself “What do I want to achieve from this”. Without knowing why you’re advertising you can find yourself in a position with poor results, little ROI and a high credit card bill.

1. Set a Budget. Allocate a budget for each of your advertising campaigns including boosting of posts. You can spend a lot of money in small amounts if you don’t clearly define your monthly budget.

2. Set up your Audience. With any marketing activities you do you should always know who your target audience is. Audience Insights in Facebook Advertising allows you to build an audience and save it – ready for when you start creating your advertising campaign. Setting up your audience allows you to test and view how many people within your selected categories/interests you will target and also refine it as need be until you have built a targeted and specific audience who your ad will be shown to. The goal is to build an audience that will most likely be interested in your ad and take action (i.e click on the ad)

3. Conversion Tracking. If your objective is to send people to your website then the most important thing you need to do is get the Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel added to your website. You can then track the activity your ad is generating to your website AND build a custom audience (all the people who have visited your website as a result of the ad) and remarket to them.

4. Prepare your Ad Image & Text. Get straight to the point – what do you want people to do with your ad. Make sure the ad copy speaks direct to your target audience! Your image needs to be on brand and appealing and always remember it can’t have more than 20% text.

If you have considered the above 5 things then it is likely you will see success from your advertising campaign.


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