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10 Quick Social Media Tips

10 Quick Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips

10 Quick Social Media Tips

Social media is just one part of marketing your business and it’s only as effective as the content you produce.


Here are my 10 quick social media tips:


  1. Set Goals.

Think about the main reason your business will be using Social Media. Is it to increase brand awareness, Drive traffic to your website, boost brand engagement, for content distribution, lead generation or customer support.


  1. Pick the Right Platforms

For Facebook we know that they are prioritizing posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people. Guess what, you may not be in a business that does this.

Don’t force being on a social platform just because everyone else is and you think you need to be on it. If you’re content isn’t going to get engagement it’s worthless. Put your efforts elsewhere.


  1. Post Content Like a Fan & Not a Marketer

Is the content you’re posting on social media what your audience is after and interested in? Or is it what you want to post? I will leave that thought with you.


  1. Post Behind the Scenes Content

Show the people behind the business whether it’s yourself or employees. This humanises your brand. After all people buy from people.


  1. Two Words: Facebook Lives

If you don’t have live videos as part of your Facebook plan then you need to asap. They get higher engagement and last longer in the news feed.

Make sure you add captions to them once finished.


  1. Facebook Isn’t Instagram

Stop sharing content directly from Instagram to Facebook. It makes you look lazy and if you’ve got the same content day on day out on all your social media channels why would your followers engage with all of them.

And while we’re at it, no hashtags on Facebook.


  1. Use Promotions (but in the right way)

Read Facebooks Promotion Guidelines. They quite clearly say you can’t ask someone to share your posts or tag someone as a condition of entry. Ask yourself what you’re wanting to achieve by running a social media contest. Is it simply engagement or lead generation?


  1. Follower Count is a Vanity Metric

Your number of followers are only valuable if you have the right people following you – not the right number of people.


  1. Social Media Tools

Get a little help along the way. Here are my faves:

  •  canva.com – design tool
  • Iconosquare – Instagram analytics and management tool
  • rev.com – transcription, caption and translation service
  • hootsuite.com – social media management platform
  • Google Analytics


  1. Don’t Forget LinkedIn

Linkedin is a super effective way to generate B2B & B2C leads and LinkedIn members are more likely to buy from a company they engage with on Linkedin.


Start with one social media platform and do it well.





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