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PR for Small Business

PR for Small Business

PR for Small Business

PR – Marketing – Social Media – Business Development – Crisis Management

What are these?

First they are all essential to your business and second they should all be part of your Marketing Strategy.

You need to be doing all these things well, and within your budget.

I’ve been working in the media industry for 18 years as a Marketing and PR Manager. During this time, I also worked very closely with small businesses helping them maximise their time, their budgets and deliver their business the best outcomes through a targeted Marketing and PR strategy.

What is PR?

The dictionary version is: “the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization.”

PR stands for Public Relations and works within your Marketing Strategy under the “Brand” umbrella. A strong PR strategy will ensure your companies “brand” is seen positively by external and internal stakeholders.

Your objective is to “engage” and “build relationships” hence, build brand awareness and brand equity resulting in long term/repeat business.

You can build more credibility for your brand through PR, as it’s not a direct sell for your business like paid advertising.

PR can be used to “Engage” the public and your current customer base about an award won or renovations being completed it can also be used to manage a crisis.

PR used effectively will be used internally to roll out internal communication strategies from the top down.

The different types of PR:

  • Press releases:
    • Emailing journalists something to do with your business in the hope that they will write about it.


  • Publicity stunts:
    • Dressing up and handing out samples to a carefully planned campaigns, sometimes requiring a large budget.
    • Takes creativity and confidence.
    • Accompanied by a press release.


  • Word of mouth:
    • Engage existing customers to talk about your business by rewarding them with discounts for referrals or similar.


  • Charity work:
    • Helping your community will always work in your favor.
    • This is a long term objective.


  • Social media:
    • Using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be a good way to give your business a face.
    • Social Media is essential for all businesses but whether it works for you will depend on your target audience using that medium.


  • Sponsorship:
    • Sponsoring events or awards in your industry, in your community or even nationally gets your name out and builds a reputation that you’re supportive of others.


  • Networking and being seen:
    • Networking at the right events and networking circles will grow your own network while increasing word of mouth.


  • Winning awards:
    • Remember you are always representing your brand.
    • Fantastic PR but not easy and needs a budget.


  • Public speaking or giving ‘expert opinions’:
    • If you position yourself as an expert and feel confident enough to give engaging talks at industry events, you will increase your business reputation by connection.


Remember the best PR managers are your happy clients and staff, always know what you want your key message is, brand, brand, brand and have fun with it.

PR Amanda




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