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You as the Brand

You as the Brand

You as the Brand

Megan and I recently attended a Corporate Styling Workshop run by Kirsty Noakes of Shop & Style Specialists. It was during this workshop where we realised that our personal brand was even more important than we originally thought. Although we plan regular photo shoots with our photographer we always leave our outfits to the last minute.

The first thing Kirsty told us was that our spoken words account for only 7% of an overall first impression, with a massive 55% attributed to non verbal communication and 38% to our tone of voice. Very interesting stats but also a little worrisome at the same time…So basically every decision I make about what I’m wearing, how my hair looks, what bag I bring with me are all contributing to my personal brand and what others perceive of me BEFORE I even speak!

So naturally (as most women would) I panicked and thought I need some guidance here!

Your personal brand is what separates you from others; it is what defines you, how others think of you and ultimately what you stand for. Have you ever considered yourself as a brand?

Defining your personal brand is the most important thing to do, as you need to be familiar for what you stand for and what your values are. This will help you stay true to your brand in all aspects of your life.

Make sure that you define your brand for who you actually are and not what you want others to perceive you as or what you think others may expect you to be. If you are your authentic self your brand will grow.

It is a good idea to set yourself some objectives, what do you want to achieve and then outline what tactics/strategies you will take to get there. Lastly, review your personal brand online and offline and ensure that it reflects you in the right way. From images to content, you must ensure your brand is on point.

For me, I immediately knew that I needed help with my styling. On a daily basis I could stand for at least 10 – 15 minutes in my wardrobe going through hundreds of clothes and still have nothing to wear.

As we run regular workshops and present at many organisations, what I wear plays a massive role in my overall brand and not feeling comfortable or confident in myself is very frustrating and impacts negatively on personal brand.

Thankfully, I had Kirsty come out to my house and go through my wardrobe where she literally threw away 3 large garbage bags of clothes but left a small but healthy wardrobe with outfits that I could wear to a variety of occasions. To answer your question that I’m sure you’re all thinking – yes I was very very nervous and I probably didn’t relax until I saw the first outfit on me that I would never have thought to put together and realised WOW this is going to be great.

I learnt that how I dress impacts how I make others feel, from choice of colour to the style of outfit. And if I don’t feel confident in how I look then others will sense this which is not supporting my personal brand.

For anyone out there wanting to build a personal brand for themselves, this is a very basic insight but the fundamentals are there – define who you are, what you stand for and ensure that everything you do (verbal and non verbal) support your brand.


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