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Working with two Bosses!

Working with two Bosses!

Working with two Bosses!

No two days are the same, nor are the weeks, which is why I love my job!

My week in a nutshell:

Mondays are alternated between Gloss North and South office. Mondays are also the days where the Mini gloss girls socialise. Hence if you follow Gloss on social media the saying “Monday Madness’ is common knowledge.

Our aim on Mondays is to go through our weekly agenda, what is due, what is outstanding and what action will be taken. This is not always the easiest of tasks as sometimes you have to pick out the pieces of what either Kat or Megan are trying to say “This week, No, I am, ,Sienna, meeting with, Quinn, No!, Sienna had that, Napoli, we are about to, No… Although a 5 min task can take 1 hour the day is very productive which then brings us to Tuesday.

Tuesday and Thursday I work with Kat; this is our one on one time. Although I have plenty of tasks to complete from the previous day discussions, it also gives me the opportunity to discuss any questions I have regarding the clients that Kat manages.

Wednesday comes at perfect timing! Kat and Megan both have sitters, and are generally out of the office most of the mornings as they use this time to schedule their weekly meetings. Come the afternoon we all meet; this is the day I get both of them alone together. We aim to touch base again about our clients and run through our own marketing calendar to make sure we are still on time with all tasks discussed from Monday. It also allows us to collaborate ideas for our team tasks such as event planning.

Friday, my one on one time with Megan to go through and finalise tasks for clients she manages and that brings me to the weekend.

Working between two locations and two bosses has not come without challenges.

I have had to learn and adapt to each of Kat’s and Megan’s strengths and weakness, and how this fits into their role they play as Directors of Gloss.

I would never look at one of them as superior to the other. I can honestly say that between their expertise it has allowed me to grow as a person and in a career which up until 6 months ago was all new to me. Megan’s previous experience as a Managing Director she has taught me how a business is built and the work it takes to keep it going month to month. Kats experience as an Agency Manager has taught me how to deal with clients and what clients expect out of their monthly marketing.

As you would know Megan and Kat established Gloss with the aim to have flexible working environments while being mothers to their daughters Quinn and Sienna. This means my days/weeks aren’t the 9-5pm or 40 hour weeks with their attention which is why the one on one days are important.

Over the last 6 months working with Kat and Megan and the knowledge they have, I have learnt more and faster than if I was working in an organisation reporting to one person. I have gained so much including a fourth sister and fourth niece. I wouldn’t change it for the world!! I look forward to my future opportunities with Gloss.


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