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Working with a business partner who is also a friend!

Working with a business partner who is also a friend!

Working with a business partner who is also a friend!

Gloss has only been operating for less than 2 years so when asked the question “What lessons have you learnt in business?” I find this quite hard to answer. To learn a lesson means that something has happened and you know not to do it again – to be honest this hasn’t happened in our business. BUT in saying this, going into business with a friend went against what people advised and i thought i would share with you some tips to having a successful working relationship with a business partner who is also a friend.

  • Stick to your strengths. Megan and I came from different roles when we started Gloss and knew what our strengths and weaknesses were. I encourage everyone to stick to what they know and do that well and learn from your business partner in the areas you don’t know. Rather than trying to do everything yourself you work as a team together.
  • Learn to delegate. One person can’t do everything – this is why there are two of you. You are a partnership for a reason so working together and delegating tasks will help you both achieve the desired outcome.
  • Be on the same page as your business partner. For Megan and I, we have always agreed on the same thing – we were not in this for the money but for the success of our clients and the satisfaction of seeing results. I feel it is so important that you and your business partner have the same goals and objectives so it is easier to work together.
  • Don’t assume your business partner will pack toothpaste! Ok, not everyone with a business partner would travel and share rooms like Megan and I do (we have been friends a really long time) but we seem to both rely on each other to bring toiletry items and have both failed every time.
  • Discuss your outfits with your business partner before you leave for the day. Another Gloss fail – Megan and I continuously turn up to meetings dressed in the exact same clothes!Lastly, and one of the most important things for me is that I am never alone. Having a business partner for me has meant that I always have someone to support me, to run ideas off, to help me through difficult situations and to celebrate the success together.


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