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Work Life as a Mother!

Work Life as a Mother!

Work Life as a Mother!

It’s a Friday night, almost 9pm and it’s the first chance I’ve had to sit down and take some time all day. I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for the past week as my deadline is almost here but my husband is away at work (FIFO), my baby has an ear infection , my sister has just moved over 4 hours away to teach and my MIL who looks after the baby twice a week is in Bali. So my work hours have been impacted this week leaving me to work mainly at night. (which is great when your baby is waking up through the night as they are in pain!) I’m sure this is something that resonates with every single working Mum out there and my balancing act is no different to theirs.

As you may know Kat and I decided to start Gloss when our babies were around 8 weeks old and looking back it was a perfect time to do so as all they did was sleep! Now days it’s a totally different story, they are walking/crawling, talking, inquisitive bubs, which makes the balancing act just that little more difficult. When we started Gloss we both agreed that our daughters were our main priority and I’m happy to say we have stayed true to that.

Motherhood is a whole new world and it’s definitely made it easier starting a business with someone that is in the same situation as you and can pick up the slack if you’re having a tough week. Kat and I both love what we do and we’re damn good at it. We believe we can be successful at home and at work, and running our own business gives us the flexibility to do both. We just had to redefine what “success” was to us.

The key is balance! Mondays we alternate working at each other’s houses with the babies and our Marketing Assistant. It’s a great opportunity for the babies to play with each other. We start our morning by having a meeting, reviewing our clients and going over what we’re doing for the week. Then our Marketing Assistant goes to work in our home office whilst Kat and I discuss strategy and clients in more detail. We both have one day in the week where we don’t work as we dedicate it entirely to the babies (Gymbaroo and swimming lessons!) Wednesdays we work together without the babies and then we have other set times we work during the week where the babies are looked after and everything else is fit in when we can (which equates to weird, flexible hours!). We both could not have imagined not working after the babies were born, we love what we do and love being busy! And with our own business we really do get the best of both worlds.

Just because we have babies don’t underestimate us, we still have a very strong and diverse skillset.


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