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What is balance anyway?

What is balance anyway?

What is balance anyway?

Have you ever had one of those days, weeks or months where you feel like you’re constantly on the go and have no spare time? Well that has been me for the past few months, always on the go a million miles an hour, neglecting my health and wellbeing and trying to cram as much in as possible.

The realisation that I had no balance, and by balance I mean what I deem as balance for my life and for me to feel my best and each of those things I need for balance aren’t equal on the scales of life, came last month when I was walking the dog and pushing a pram and my phone rang and I answered it trying to balance it as I went along, whilst giving my daughter a snack and telling the dog not to get too far in front. I thought what the heck am I doing, did I really need to take that call when I should be enjoying walking in the beautiful winter sunshine!

Many of you would know that I have a FIFO husband, a 2 year old and a business that is less than 2 years old and a very demanding dog! Trying to juggle all of that with making sure I am exercising, eating well and getting some downtime is damn hard (I purposely left out social life as its non-existent at the moment).

We all lead busy lives and with the digital age are always “plugged in” and I know a lot of women are in the same boat and struggle or manage just the same as I do, have husbands that work longer stints, more kids etc and I always wonder what balance means to them and if they find any “me” time. The last few months I have forgotten that without having balance (which for me is being able to exercise and have a massage once a month) that I’m not my best self.

An interesting thing happened a few weeks ago, the universe aligned and I came into contact with Nicole from Modern Day Hippie whose mission is to help busy women flourish in life and business through her Girlboss Healing Sessions. Now I can be quite a cynical person but I went along to see Nicole and have one of these sessions and afterwoods I felt recharged, relaxed and had a new clarity. So much so I’m going to make it part of my monthly “balance”.

A few days after seeing Nicole we were at Business Women Australia’s Supper Soiree which was aptly themed “The Wellness Revolution”. The keynote speaker Dr Linda Friedland is a leader in corporate performance and wellbeing. She spoke about how stress is actually good for the body and it’s the strategies we use to deal with the recovery of stress that are most important. And you know what the number one strategy for transferring the body system from stress to recovery is? EXERCISE! (I’m pretty sure chocolate and wine featured in there too!)

I’m happy to say I’m back into exercising daily, I like to walk the dog then come home and fit in a quick 20 minute Tabata workout whilst my toddler runs around the backyard copying me. 20 minutes works perfectly for me, I can fit it in to my day and still have it as quality time with my daughter. I’m feeling much more relaxed and feel like I’m heading towards my balance and am not making any excuses that I’m too busy.


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