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Travelling for work when you have young children.

Travelling for work when you have young children.

Travelling for work when you have young children.

Most people who have met Megan and I know we have toddlers and therefore going away for work requires a lot of planning.

Now before I get into it, I need to clarify that by travelling for work so far for us has been going down south for the night or two to catch up with clients and prospects. If we actually had to go away over east or overseas for longer than a night that would require months of prep work!

The most important 2 things for me when travelling for work be it near or far, overnight or a week is to be organised and to get the timing right (if possible).

I have a 2 year old daughter who is currently going through a stage where she believes she is a ballerina and no matter where we go she must wear her tutu and pink ballet shoes at all times. Writing a list of all her “need” items is the first thing I do to ensure that when I’m away her dad or grandparents can satisfy her “needs” before the tantrum erupts. This brings me to the key to keeping me organised – LISTS. I write lists everyday – unfortunately I end up at times with multiple lists (on my phone, in a word document on my computer, in excel and then on scraps of paper) BUT before I go away for work I write down everything that needs to be done the day before, the day I leave and who needs to do what and when. This helps keep me focused and not stress out that I might forget something. I also lay out everything I need to pack or take with me the day I go. For example my daughters clothes that I need to dress her in, my outfit for the day, food and drink to take and I put all our bags at the front door ready for the car.

Getting the timing right for when you need to travel for work can make things a lot easier. Unfortunately you can’t always dictate when you can go away but if we can we will. We try to time our travel around the core activities (swimming, playgroup, gym etc) we do with our children so they don’t feel they are missing out on time with their mums. It also allows us to make sure we don’t put pressure on those who care for our children while we are away.

Lastly, we are really fortunate to have supportive husbands and families. Without our families we would not have the flexibility to travel as we need. Unfortunately not everyone is fortunate to have the support of family so we do consider ourselves lucky.

So if you do travel for work or intend to at some stage in the future my advice is to write down a list of everything you need to organise for yourself and your children and time your travel so it doesn’t impact on your weekly activities so you still get time to be a mum! One day when we need to travel over-east or oversees I’m sure ill be adding to this list.


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