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The Pro’s and Con’s of working from home

The Pro’s and Con’s of working from home

The Pro’s and Con’s of working from home

Megan and I spent a couple of days in Bunbury for work this week and drove home late Wednesday afternoon. It was about 5.30pm when I approached the city and brake lights appeared, my speed slowed to 20km and it started – foot on the accelerator, off the accelerator and so on…It was at this moment of frustration being stuck in peak hour traffic that I realised how lucky I am to work from home.

I never gave much thought to what it would be like to work from home until after my daughter was born. If you asked me prior to having a child if I would prefer to work at home or in the office I would have immediately chosen the office. I could dress up, do my makeup & hair, go out and choose what I wanted to eat for lunch and catch up with colleagues. But since having a child I have learnt to appreciate time and how working from home gives me more of it – even in a busy week.

Here is my list of pro’s and con’s for the home office!


  • I don’t have to drive in traffic. To me this is the biggest PRO! The time spent in the car stuck in traffic seems like such a waste for me when I know I could be doing so many other tasks. Instead of a 45 minute commute to the office I just have to walk from one room to the other.
  • I never have to rush my daughter in the morning. Working from home has given me the luxury (wow how my idea of what a luxury is has changed since being a mum) of spending time with my daughter after we both get up. We are not confined by time, we eat breakfast and sit together and at our own pace get ready for the day. Not to mention get organised for dinner and other house duties that need to be addressed.
  • I’m present even though I am working. I have a home office yet at times I do sit in the lounge or at the dining table so I can be around my daughter when we are both home together. Multi tasking is a skill learnt quickly in our household and I can easily play with play dough and type an email when required.
  • I can stay in my Pj’s. Yes, I’’ll admit there are the odd days where Mel our Marketing Assistant comes to work and I open the door in my pjamas (lucky she is also my sister).



  • There is no end to work. When times are very busy its often hard to “finish” for the day and simply shutting the office door is not enough.
  • You always have to make sure your house is clean as I often hold meetings at home. Let me tell you between a toddler and a dog it is not the easiest task!
  • Not having access to the café’s, shops and businesses when you need something. I don’t often get the chance to go out and buy my lunch during a lunch break so I need to ensure I’m organised and have food in the house.

So, as you can see my list of Pro’s far out weighs the con’s and to anyone who has the opportunity to work from home I would definitely recommend it!


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