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Planning for another child while running a business

Planning for another child while running a business

Planning for another child while running a business

So our mini Gloss girls recently turned 2 (they are just a smidge older than Gloss Marketing!) and Kat and I have found ourselves fielding the question of “When are you having another baby?”

Seriously why do women get asked these questions?

  • When are you getting engaged?
  • When are you getting married?
  • When are you having a baby?
  • When are you having another baby?

As you know we started Gloss when our girls were infants and we were lucky as we both had the support of each other as working when you have kids is damn hard (as is being a stay at home Mum or Mum in general) and we are acutely aware that we both want to have another child and with running a business it further complicates things as we can’t take maternity leave. This is something Kat and I have discussed many a time, how will we have another baby and still run Gloss. And you know what we will just figure it out!

I recently read an article on Emma Isaacs the Global CEO and Founder of Business Chicks who has 4 children, the fourth one younger than our girls and what she said really resonated with me.

“I tackled the prospect of motherhood in the same way I tackle everything: just go for it and you’ll work out the rest. Being a successful entrepreneur is all about having the right mindset, as is being a successful parent.” – Emma Isaacs

It made me realise that Kat and I were putting too much pressure on ourselves and worrying too much about how we were going to manage having a second child. This I think was borne out of people around us saying “You’re busy now, how will you manage to have another baby” or “Oh, you’re not going to be able to do that!” Thanks for the support people! Because you know what, Kat and I will manage and we will figure it out and we will be able to do it, just like the many working Mum’s before us have.

We do have to say that we are extremely lucky to have family around us that help with the girls and I can guarantee you that when they go to their Nanna’s or Nonna’s house they are thinking “yes! a break from Mum. I’m going to get so spoilt today” J

Emma Isaacs also hit the nail on the head when she said a lot of women settle for having a small business. Most times, though, if you’re in a small business, all you’ve bought yourself is a job.

It also made me realise that we are limiting ourselves as to what we want with Gloss. When we first started out we said “Ok so we will be able to only take on this many clients until our kids are at school.” Then I had a thought! Why are we limiting our business to this! If the opportunity is there to work with some amazing businesses then why would we not take it? We don’t want to have just bought ourselves a job, we want to create something that is amazing and scale it accordingly.

And we’re going to do it all with children in tow! And no neither of us is pregnant yet.


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