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Our First Year in Business!

Our First Year in Business!

Our First Year in Business!

Over the past year we have learnt, grown and shared with you Gloss Digital, and with August marking our first year in business, we would like to take you through the Gloss Digital journey thus far.

How We Started Our Business

When we first started Gloss we were new mums with 4 month old babies who both decided that the corporate world was not for us anymore! Sitting around the table one weekday after just settling both our girls, Megan and I decided that we would start our own marketing agency. Before we knew it, we were looking page by page through a cocktail book to come up with a name for our new business. After consulting with our other halves “husbands” we all agreed that Gloss would work for us and Digital would add the professional and service aspect of our name. And within 2 days Gloss Digital was born!

What felt like the hardest part over (choosing a business name is not easy) we were ready to start planning our service offerings and getting our marketing material designed! We now know what our clients go through when they have to make decisions about design work – its not easy at all! We wanted Gloss Digital to be bold and professional but have a touch of love and fun that reflected us. Our favourite colours Black and Pink worked perfect together!

We never expected that Gloss Digital would take off as fast as it did and Megan and I had many plans of how we would generate leads and make some money to actually get it off the ground! Fortunately, we were very blessed to have some great contacts who had supported us throughout our pregnancy and maternity leave and who encouraged us to start our own agency. It was these great contacts who became our first clients and have given us the ability to grow Gloss so quickly!

It took 4 months for us to organize our branding and plan out what Gloss Digital would offer all while dealing with the fun stages of the first year of being a mother which included teething, crawling and separation anxiety! Finally, we held our ‘official” launch party in January in the company of our close friends, family and clients.

First Year In Business

From the beginning, our primary objective was to ensure that our clients would always work direct with us, the ones with the experience. We are proud to say that as we have grown and developed this past 12 months, we have maintained this. As you can imagine this hasn’t come without its challenges. Working from home, with babies who are now toddlers, not working standard business hours are all challenges that we face daily. As the needs of our clients grow and as we take on new clients, we are constantly reviewing our business plan and strategy to ensure we are always able to be there for our clients both electronically and in person.

For Megan and I, our biggest achievement is operating a successful business while being full time mums! We are fortunate to be able to run Gloss Digital and also be there for our daughters and we are very lucky to have such great clients who are so understanding of our personal situations.

This year has brought Gloss Digital new opportunities with the launch of our marketing workshops series. We know we are not able to work with every business out there but we can certainly help them with offering our expertise in cost effective workshops and interactive master classes! Check out our full list of workshops here!

Our Business Future

What’s next for Gloss Digital…we have a very exciting announcement to be made early 2016 (no its not a baby – we may be crazy but not ready for that just yet J) It will allow us to work with many more businesses and help business who want to do their marketing themselves! Stay tuned!


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