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How to Stay Productive when Working from Home

How to Stay Productive when Working from Home

how to be productive at home

How to Stay Productive when Working from Home

There’s no doubt about it, working from home is harder than it sounds. Multiple distractions from wanting to put that load of washing on, giving the house a quick dust, the fridge, the dog and the hardest of them all is when 1pm rolls around and Ellen is on! (By the way as I’m writing this I’m sitting on the couch, patting the dog with my foot, half watching 60 minutes and thinking about making a cup of tea.)

I’m actually a fairly productive person and not easily distracted, but nevertheless when I first transitioned into having my own business (which I started with my business partner when we both had 8 week old’s) working from home was the only sensible option. As we became busier and my daughter started to be looked after (and continues to) 2 days a week by her very excited Nonna. At first this was hard dropping her off as my daughter had separation anxiety from 7-11 month of age. These days she when I take her to her Nonna’s she jumps out of my arms and says “Bye Mum you go now.” And pushes me out the door.

I’ve read a few articles on “Tips for being productive while working from home” and honestly some of them sound like the person writing them have never actually worked from home! My favourite tip they give is “Act like you’re still going to an office and dress accordingly.” Um ok, well I am going to an office, it just happens to be a 2 second walk and there is no way I’m getting dressed like I’m going to an office and I work from home goddammit and what better excuse to stay in my around the house clothes and not have to do my hair or makeup. Does anyone who works from home really get “dressed” every day?



From someone who has worked mainly from home the past 2 years, here are my real life tips to stay productive.

  1. Don’t work when your kids are there/or awake

This is a hard one. When we first started out our girls were young so it was so much easier to work with them. As they got older and interacted more it was more difficult to work with them around. I didn’t want to ignore my child, she deserves my full attention when we are together so I had to change the way I worked.

Now 3 days a week from nine to four I am child free so I pack as much into my day as I can. (generally meetings!) The days she is with me I work while she naps at lunch and then again after she goes to bed. When my FIFO husband is home it’s a lot easier to fit extra work time in.



  1. Take a lunch break

When I’m working at home I make my lunch and chill outside even for 10 minutes with the dog. (ok so the dog and I go outside as he is always in the office with me when I’m working J) amazing what a little break and sunshine can do for your energy.

  1. Look at Co-working

Late last year I started going to a co-working space 2 days a week and it’s been great. I felt like I needed the connection with people again and was getting a bit tired of working from home. So now I tape Ellen those 2 days I’m not working from home.

There are plenty of co-working spaces around, most are pretty affordable. You just need to find the one with the right atmosphere.

OK so my list is pretty short on how to remain productive. Each person is different and I’m sure for some getting totally dressed each day works for them. You just need to find your groove and what works for you. If you’ve got any tips of your own, I would love to hear them.

Now back to 60 minutes…


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