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How Mentoring Has Helped Me In Business

How Mentoring Has Helped Me In Business

How Mentoring Has Helped Me In Business

How Mentoring Has Helped Me In Business

For the past 6-months I have been a part of the Rare Birds mentoring as a mentee. Being in small business is difficult, being in small business where there is essentially just two of you doing all the work is even harder and something I wasn’t used to.

In my previous role as a Managing Director I had around 30 staff, so when starting Gloss Marketing, whilst I had the business skill-set of planning and developing, managing staff, setting goals, creating reports etc I really lacked in areas like sales. This is something I never had to do previously. Hence why I decided to get a mentor. Someone whose path was similar to mine and can help me grow personally and professionally. So I signed up to Rare Birds.

After being interviewed by Rare Birds it took around four weeks for a mentor to be matched to me. By coincidence my mentor match turned out to be an acquaintance, which I must admit I was unsure of first. But after our first catch up I was super excited about what the next year would bring.

Here’s what I love about having a mentor:

It Makes You Take an Honest Look at Your Skillset

One of the initial things I had to do was identify what my strengths and weaknesses were. For me these were easy to identify:

Weaknesses; I have very little patience, I am shy when it comes to “selling”, I can be too critical and sometimes too blunt… (I’m not telling you all of them!)

Strengths; strong decision making skills, analytical, drive…

From there I really knew the areas that I wanted to develop.

Having an External Support System

Someone who isn’t connected to me or my business that can objectively look at any issues I am experiencing in business and give me the advice and support that I need. It also has helped immensely that my mentor has had a very similar journey to mine, she had been there, done that, so her advice is invaluable.

Sharing of Knowledge

Mentoring is a two-way street, it’s not just the mentees that benefit. I love that we can share knowledge in our areas of expertise that benefits both of our businesses.

That I’d Love to Be a Mentor One Day

From personally experiencing the benefits of receiving mentoring and how it has helped me so far has made me realise that I also too would like to mentor someone in business to help them grow and pass on my knowledge.

I order for a mentoring relationship to work, as a mentee you have to be open to change and new ideas. And I do believe that it is a critical success factor in business. I’m pretty much at the halfway mark with my mentoring and I’m extremely excited to see what the next 6 months brings as I have already grown in leaps and bounds.

My advice, get yourself a mentor.


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