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Employee to Employer – A New Perspective!

Employee to Employer – A New Perspective!

Employee to Employer – A New Perspective!

I will never forget the day I applied for my first “real job” in marketing. I was about to graduate from University and saw a great opportunity on seek and I applied. Within a few hours I received a phone call for an interview and before I knew it I was working at a Marketing company which would develop my career.

I started in sales and moved into account management which allowed me to work closer with my client’s on whatever marketing requirement they had. Working a 9 – 5 role, I was able to leave work at work and not worry about the stresses of the day. The downside was that I wasn’t in control. I had no control over the running of the business regardless of whether I thought there was as better way to do things, no control over the cost or services we could offer and often felt I couldn’t really help a client as best I could.

Running a Business

The thought of running my own business couldn’t have been further from my mind after the birth of my daughter and I had always prepared myself to go back to work part time, however when my daughter was 4 months old I couldn’t picture myself going back into the corporate world. I had no intention to put on a suit and go spend a full day in the office or on the road again. It was at that moment I realised that I had to make a change that would work for me and my new family.

So here I am, running my own business with one of my closest friends and I couldn’t feel more comfortable. There is nothing more satisfying than working on a project and seeing the results because as a team we achieved success. There is a strange sense of achievement when you work until the early hours of the morning but know its for the benefit of YOUR business and being able to control and make decisions based on what you believe is right is very liberating. I am now able to work with clients and tailor solutions that will achieve results rather than be dictated by cost, or making profit. I can also choose when and how long I work for and with the summer months ahead I look forward to working by the pool!

Employee to Employer – Take The Leap

Taking the step and leaving your job that came with security, a salary, support from management plus much more can be the most daunting experience of your life but it is in most cases a risk worth taking. Without risk there is no reward and sometimes you need to step into the deep end and just give it a shot. This was my biggest challenge, leaving my job and going out on my own and accepting the fear of the unknown. It has proven to be the best decision I made for my career as it now allows me full control to work with our clients and keep up with the all the industry changes without the constraints that came with working as an employee such as set hours for work allocation, limited service offerings and no flexibility.


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