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Confessions of a Workaholic

Confessions of a Workaholic

Confessions of a Workaholic

Confessions of a Workaholic

I go to bed around 11:30pm every night. I’m up anywhere from 6:30-7:30am depending on when my daughter wakes. I sleep soundly. Some people would describe me as a workaholic, but to me I’m someone who is passionate about their work. And I’m not sorry about it. I have a great family who I prioritise time for, I have friends who understand that I more often than not don’t accept their invitation to go out (thank you for understanding), I walk the dog and mostly exercise.













Yes, I work a lot. So do many others, who are trying to drive their business forward. Show me a successful business where there weren’t blood, sweat and tears poured in? Here are my confessions:


  1. I email myself in the middle of the night

I actually sleep pretty well, I never have trouble falling asleep. But I do email myself at strange hours if I have thought of something as I know I probably wouldn’t remember it in the morning. I also check my emails if I happen to wake up. This has become a little harder since my husband is working in Perth full time. But I just turn the brightness of my screen down so it doesn’t wake him.


  1. I combine relaxation and research

When I get my monthly foot massage I catch up on industry articles I’ve bookmarked on my phone. It’s important in our industry to read up on the latest research and be up to date with new techniques and this is the time I set aside for that.


  1. I Dislike Going to Playgroup

Mondays and Thursdays I tend to start getting antsy that I don’t have a set block of time for work. Monday mornings we have playgroup and to be honest it’s boring. Don’t get me wrong, the kids and other Mums/Dads are great, but my daughter is at an age where she doesn’t need or want me to be by her side all the time at Playgroup. She is happy to wander off and play without me. Leaving me sitting down doing nothing. I do make a point of not having my phone with me and by the time its 10:50am I’m already getting our stuff to head back home.


  1. Work Events are Social Outings for Me

I don’t remember the last time I went to the movies or out for drinks with friends that aren’t tied to my work. We attend a lot of events for work, last week I had something on Monday, Wednesday and Friday night. It doesn’t leave much time or inclination to want to go out on the weekend. I prefer to watch a movie on the couch with my husband and work after he goes to bed early.


  1. I love What I Do

This is why I’m a “Healthy Workaholic”. I love what I do. My husband often says to me that I’m lucky I do something that I love. I look forward to working and know that in order for our business to grow we have to put in the hard yards. As the saying goes “ If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.”


Bottom line is, I know my limits, love what I do and have found my form of so called balance. And to me, there is nothing wrong with that.


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