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A Day In The Life Of…

A Day In The Life Of…

A Day In The Life Of…


There are no two days the same at Gloss Digital. Depending on what day of the week it is my days vary greatly. Working mainly from home may sound ideal but it also presents its own challenges. Throw a toddler into the mix and being in an industry that is 24/7, makes for a crazy schedule!

(Here are 2 days in the life of…)


Wake up time – Get woken up by my Mini Gloss Girl gently tapping my face. This quickly turns into getting whacked followed by Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum. Time to get up, get her bottle and start the day!

Entertain Mini Gloss Girl until breakfast time. (ie. bring the dog inside)

Breakfast – Breakfast time. Prepare buffet for Mini Gloss Girl to see what she wants to eat today. Weetbix it is! The lucky dog will get to clean up vegemite toast and egg from the floor. (Note: never ever get dressed before toddlers have breakfast)

Quickly check my social media and clients streams to see what happened overnight! Reply to a few emails on my phone.

Time to Get Ready! – Must remember to not leave the Mini Gloss Girl inside while I feed the dog. (Last time she opened the fridge, pulled out the spinach everywhere!) Get Mini Gloss Girl ready, get myself ready. This is not as easy as it sounds as Mini Gloss Girl does not stand still whilst I try and dress her and she sits outside the shower screaming for me the moment I get in!

Work Day – Bundle Mini Gloss Girl in the car on the way to our north of the river office. (ie. Kat’s house) Call Kat from the car to go over what we need to work on and discuss today.

Mini Gloss Girl falls asleep in car only 10 minutes from Kat’s house. (why!!! Argh. ) Do coffee run so Mini Gloss Girl can sleep. Mini Gloss Girl is awake!

Have our weekly meeting with our Marketing Assistant Claudia where we go over all our clients and what we’re doing the coming week. Claudia then goes to the office to work while Kat and I brainstorm clients campaigns and go over our own marketing.

The next few hours are a blur of lunch, bottles and the Mini Gloss Girls sleeping on us while we work!

Mini Gloss Girl Time – This involves taking the dog for a walk, playing on the swing set, bath time, bottle and bed!

Work time – The laptop is on again to schedule client’s and our social media posts for the week. Pretty much spend the rest of the night before bed on social media. (Try to be in bed by 10pm.)


Wake up time– Day starts the same as Monday!

Work Day – I drop my Mini Gloss Girl off at her Nonna’s (this is where she spends every Wednesday) and continue on to Step into Life Willetton for a Toneup session. They also happen to be a client, so whilst training I take pictures of the session to post on social media later.

Meet Kat at The Office on Harrogate where we are holding our next event. Yay for free wifi! We go over the details for our Small Business Marketing Tips Workshop, taste the Pear and Walnut bread, review all our client’s reports from previous month, trawl through analytics and brainstorm upcoming campaigns.

We have a quick lunch then do a conference call in the car with a new client regarding their e-commerce site.

On the way home I call Kat in car whilst driving home just to chat. (no seriously)

Mini Gloss Girl Time – Collect my Mini Gloss Girl and we then take the dog for a walk, then play outside until bath time.

Work time– Quiet time! Check social media again, comment on posts, reply to emails and tweak campaigns. Oh and write this Blog post that our Marketing Assistant Claudia reminded me about.
Thursdays – Thursdays are set aside for family time. My husband is a FIFO worker so this family time is especially important to us. My Mini Gloss Girl has swimming lessons, then we always go out for lunch together. The laptop generally doesn’t get turned on (although I do monitor social media and my emails on my phone)

Setting time aside like this is extremely important and Kat also does this. We lead busy lives and the need for balance is critical.

We would love to hear about other working Mum’s schedules and any time saving tips you may have.


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