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5 Tips for Working Mums

5 Tips for Working Mums

5 Tips for Working Mums

By now you’re all probably quite aware that Kat and I started our business not long after our daughters were born. Fast forward and they are now 20 months and what we call “Toddler Tornados” When people find out we have toddlers and run business like ours they give us a look of “are you crazy ladies”, and let me tell you sometimes I think they are right! It’s often hard to ensure you have that work life balance and the doubt and guilt can creep up on you. Have I spent enough time with the toddler today? Should I be working so much? Argh my house is a mess! I’m sure you have all been there.

Kat and I know that we are especially lucky as we work from home, our business and industry allows us to be flexible. We don’t have a 9 to 5 job, don’t have to drop the girls off at daycare and can choose our own working hours. This whilst seems ideal can also have its own challenges as there never really is any down time from work.

Over the past 20 months we’ve learnt to adapt to the challenges of being a working Mum, and let me tell you it isn’t easy! Here are our top tips on what gets us through:

Share the load and ask for help.

My husband is a FIFO worker so for 8 days it’s just me. This was especially hard when my daughter was teething as she was so unsettled and was up every few hours. Argh sleep deprivation. Luckily I could ask my MIL to watch her for some much needed time out. And trust me I did not do an ounce of work during those times! When my husband is home he has a Daddy Daughter day, allowing me an extra day of work and luckily he is an early riser so would take care of most of the early morning load so I can snooze a little. (7am that’s a sleep in!)

Ignore People’s Comments and Any Bad Press/Latest Research etc

Don’t listen to anyone’s comments or any latest study blaming working mothers for this and that. What’s important is why you’re working, you know the reasons and the fact that you love your child/children. And don’t be jealous of your friends that don’t work. Trust me there are times they would want to swap places with you! I mean who wants to watch Bananas in Pjamas every day!

Give yourself a break, you can’t do it all!

Having a toddler is like having a blender turned on that has no lid. I gave up a while ago having a spotless house. After all I would clean one section and then see a trail of destruction down the hall. I would rather spend the time playing with my daughter. (And isn’t that what a dog is for to clean the floor!)

Quinn mess

Draw a clear line between work time and family time

Try to work at work and when you’re at home be a Mum. This is really hard with emails going to your phone or for us working from home! But we really do try. Thursdays for example my daughter does swimming lessons so I make a point of not working at all on Thursdays. And make the most of weekends, switch off from work and enjoy family time. Time really flies.

Family time

Plan your meals

At the start of every week I write a menu plan for the next 7 days. This allows me to get exactly what I need at the shops and to also pull it out of the freezer in the morning without thinking. May sound like a little thing, but it’s just one less thing I have to worry about when I get up and anything that saves even a fraction of time is a winner in my eyes.

To all the working Mum’s out there, keep doing what you’re doing…you’re awesome!


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