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Outsource Marketing

Gloss’ outsource marketing (we don’t mean overseas either!) offers small to medium businesses an instant marketing department. Our boutique service ensures that when you choose Gloss, you actually get Gloss. You don’t get thrown to a marketing manager or an account manager, instead, your direct point of contact will always be Gloss founder Megan Del Borrello.


Acting as an extension to your marketing department, rather than a clunky addition, we’ll quickly and efficiently identify your current marketing pitfalls. We’ll then work with you every step of the way to solve them. Starting with strategy development, through to plan creation and finally marketing execution, our streamlined process will help get the results your business craves. You’re involved through the entire process too, ensuring complete clarity and control within the strategy.


Our bespoke outsource service means we tailor a plan to your budget and requirements. Whether it’s a simple social media or managing your entire marketing strategy, online or offline marketing. Why? Because we understand every business is unique, every industry is different, and everybody requires a special way of doing things. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.


We offer the following outsource marketing services, some of which we require to be packaged with other services depending on the specific desired outcome for your business.


Social Media

Social Media is now one of the most powerful ways in which to connect and communicate with your audience and it’s imperative to stand out from the masses and show your business’s true and unique identity.

We’ll determine the social media platforms you should be on, depending on your industry, and focus on those to ensure you’re communicating with the right people in the correct forum. We manage everything from the content creation through to images and community management.

Online Marketing

You’re a business owner. Therefore, your needs are to focus on your core business and the product or service it provides. Trying to take on the seemingly bottomless pit of online marketing can eat into a huge chunk of your time, and it can be exhausting even thinking about a digital marketing strategy. We get it.

So, we’ll take the pressure off you, and research, plan and execute a strategy. Whether it’s search engine optimisation or pay-per-click advertising.

Content Marketing

A great marketing campaign is only as good as the content that goes with it. After all, how can a brand be built, a social media following created or a sale converted if the content is rubbish or irrelevant? Consumers these days are time-poor and demand quality.

Whether it’s written, visual, audio or video, we can help build a tailored editorial calendar complete with rich, valuable accompanying content.

Email Marketing

Online Advertising

Offline Advertising

Email marketing still remains an incredibly powerful tool in stimulating brand awareness, driving sales and boosting website click-through rates. Through strategic campaign plans we can help you create those burning must-click emails to land in your customers’ inboxes. We’ll also help build segmented lists within your database, and perform split A/B testing to determine how your customers respond, and the precise approach that gets the most hits.

From pay-per-click and Adwords to social media ad campaigns and banner ads, the world of online advertising is varied and massive. We can build an online advertising campaign to target your people with the right content.

Despite what some believe, there is absolutely still a place for offline advertising. In an age where online noise is rife, it can be refreshing for consumers to recognise a solid offline advertising campaign. Whether it’s newspaper ads,  billboards, branded merchandise, radio or TV, we can help set up and execute the correct offline channels and utilise them to reach your business’s desired outcome.

Influencer Marketing & PR

Brand Activations & Launches

Campaign Management

We can help create an influencer marketing strategy and source the right person for your brand, if this is something that would sit well within your business’s marketing objectives.

Need PR? Whether you’re launching a new product or brand, rebranding, want to build media awareness or boost your reputation, we can get that PR ball rolling.

While online seems the only place to be these days, we mustn’t shy away from the traditional brick-and-mortar approach to marketing your business. The power of face-to-face is underrated these days, yet it is still one of the most powerful tools in the box. It’s tried and tested, and yes, it still darn works, whether it’s the launch of a restaurant, book, product or brand, through to a gala event or corporate function.

At the core of every successful marketing campaign lies dedicated, evolving, ongoing management from inception to evaluation. We’ll assist in devising a plan of attack, while also providing the tools for you to execute, track and analyse your campaign. Put simply, you get to focus on what you do best – your core business – and we’ll take care of your day-to-day marketing campaign requirements.