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Meet Megan

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Megan Del Borrello and you know what…I want to give business owners the best chance of success without putting themselves under unnecessary stress or financial pressure. In the world of small business the first three years are crucial, and it’s during this period that it’s vital they invest in marketing that works and that it comes without the hefty price tag of a full service agency.


Seeing promising business ideas, heart-centred not-for-profits and talented business owners let down by the structure and ethos of larger agencies, I left my corporate career as the Managing Director of a digital marketing agency to start a values based agency that offers all the know-how of full-service marketing but with the end goal of fostering the growth of new and emerging businesses and ensuring that business owners understand the rapidly changing nature of the marketing space.

As Gloss’s Founder and Chief Marketer, I’ve been in the marketing game for over 17 years with experience in both digital and traditional marketing. Combined with my passion for continuous learning (I love podcasts!!! send me your recommendations) means there’s not a lot you can throw at me that will catch me off guard. (just don’t ask me about apps – no idea there!)


One of my own key marketing strategies is a continuous commitment to keeping my finger on the pulse of the marketing, small business and not-for-profit worlds, being a member of the Australian Institute of Marketing, a previous Board Member and Marketing and Communications Chair of Perth based not-for-profit, 100 Women, and Director of Behind the Brands, a community for Female Entrepreneurs in Australia.


A true believer that it’s the power of continuous education that will help small business and not-for-profits achieve long term sustainability, I love nothing more than sharing my knowledge about the power of values based marketing at seminars, business associations and private companies including the Asia-Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association, Reece Plumbing, The Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia, The Swimming Pool and Spa Association WA.


Oh yeah and I’m also a regular media contributor. Not that it impresses my daughter!