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The Benefits of Blogging

The Benefits of Blogging

The Benefits Of Blogging

The Benefits of Blogging

We get asked a lot if writing a blog is worthwhile and our answer is always YES! A blog is an online article that you write and publish to a website that discusses a particular topic. Blogs are often written based off opinion, knowledge or comment on a particular topic and are more conversational. They’re an easy read for users and a great place to keep your audience up to date.


So if you’re considering starting a blog for your business here are some benefits;


It’s the heart of your content marketing. Creating valuable, relevant and consistent content is important in delivering your brands message and answering the needs of your target audience. Blogs give you the ability to put this content into an easy to read format with a particular focus and theme.


Opportunity to share your knowledge, advice and tips. A blog is the best place to impart your knowledge to your target audience regularly. Your content in your blog should help your target overcome their objections and answer their questions.


It has great SEO benefits. Search Engines love fresh, updated content from a credible source. With every blog published to your website, there is an extra page you get indexed by the search engines. You can also assign a focus keyword to your blog to maximize your SEO benefit.


It creates authority for your business. A blog is a great way to stand out from your competitors and show you as a leader in your industry. Your website could be the go to site for your target audience when they want to find out about up coming trends, changes, advice and information within your Industry.


Provides content for other marketing channels. Not only is a blog beneficial on your website, but it is a great piece of content to share across social media and in email marketing. You can even take snippets of your blog and turn it into other pieces of content such as infographics.


It will convert traffic into leads. Not only will your blog drive more traffic to your website, it will help convert the traffic into leads. By adding a simple call to action within the content, it will encourage your readers to take action.


If you need any assistance getting started, check out our 7 Tips To Write A Blog .


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