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What You Need To Know When Outsourcing Your Marketing

What You Need To Know When Outsourcing Your Marketing

What You Need To Know When Outsourcing Your Marketing

What You Need To Know When Outsourcing Your Marketing

Outsource Marketing is the process of handing over your marketing to a third party company to manage on your behalf. Why would a company want to outsource their marketing? Because it takes away the pressure of having an employee and you can work with people who have a diverse range of skill sets whom you may not be able to employ otherwise.


It’s important to understand what to look for when outsourcing your marketing to ensure that you find a company that will be able to take your brand, deliver your message, get engagement and show return on investment and not see you waste thousands of dollars!


Here are some things you need to consider;


Look for experience.

If you going to outsource your marketing you need to be able to trust the third party to get the job done. Do your research and make sure they practice what they preach! Have they worked in the industry you’re in before or similar target audiences, what clients are they currently working with now, and do they practice what they preach. If someone is going to take over all your marketing you would want to see that they have taken the time to look after their own so be sure to check out their stuff (social media, email marketing, website, advertising etc).


Not every agency is the same.

Everyone has his or her own specialisations and this is something to keep in mind. Very rarely do you find a one-stop shop for all things marketing so be careful not to be fooled into thinking that you can get it all. A graphic designer or web developer may help you with a wide range of offline and online designs but may not be able to assist with you with SEO, online advertising, social media etc.


It can generate great results and save a lot of time!

Whilst is can be a significant financial investment to outsource your marketing, if you had to employ someone with experience to do it internally it could quite possibly cost you a lot more! You are in most cases better off finding a third party company/person with a high skillset to work offsite for you as you will save money, get better results and can ensure they are up to date with all the latest trends and updates.


Understand your objectives.

You need to know what you want to get out of the relationship with a third party marketing company. If you know what you want, it becomes easier to monitor and measure the performance. Going in blind and handing over your marketing can result is disaster if you don’t know why you engaged with someone else in the first place.


Make sure your values align.

You’re about to trust someone with your business baby (lol). The marketing side of a business is normally the fun and creative side (most of the time) and handing this over can be a little hard. This is why it is important to meet with the person/company who you would like to handle your marketing and make sure you feel a synergy between you. No one will understand your business better than you and you need to make sure you communicate your values, objectives and expectations so you can make a conscious decision about whether they align with you.


Remain in control.

Don’t forget about the marketing just because someone else is taking care of it. You should be just as involved but in a different way. Instead of coming up with the ideas, executing them and reporting on them, you should be working with the third party to refine the ideas, approve the execution and be updated regularly on the results. If you don’t hear from the company/person you outsource your marketing to each week then you need to investigate!


Outsourcing your marketing can be a little daunting if you have had a bad experience in the past or never done it before but if you take the time to understand the points above you will form a strong business relationship where you see results and have a lot of fun!





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