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Marketing Best Practice

Marketing Best Practice

Marketing Best Practice

There are no shortcuts to marketing your business and no one size fits all solution. Marketing your business takes time and effort and is an ongoing process. You need to set your foundations and get the basics of marketing sorted before you can start to see results. Here are our 5 Marketing best practices:

Know your target audience.

Don’t have a persona? Create one! You need to understand the needs of your audience – who they are, what they want, how they would interact with your business, what is the need for your product/service. Whilst you can work with many people, it is impossible to market to them all the same way. If you want to get the right message across you need to know whom your marketing to in order to deliver that message the right way.

Gloss Tip: Start with one core persona and build from there. Personas are generalisations of your ideal clients, group them based on individual goals

Plan out what you’re going to do.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” yep…we have all heard that one before but honestly, it couldn’t be truer! If you want people to attend an event you can’t send them an invite 5 days prior and expect everyone to be available. The same goes if you want people to invest in your product or service you need to give them time to get to know you and your business and understand how it can benefit them. This is all part of your marketing plan.

Gloss Tip: Summarise your marketing plan into a one page document so you can easily refer to it on a daily basis.

Ask yourself why you’re doing it.

What are your reasons for marketing? Outline your goals and objectives that you want to achieve with your marketing efforts. This will help keep you on track and form the path for what tactics you will take to execute your marketing strategy.

Gloss Tip: Try to set quantitative goals like an increase in x number of sign ups to your mailing list.

Be Engaging.

Whether you’re posting on social media, sending an email, writing a blog (the list goes on) make sure your engaging with your target audience (this is why you need to know who they are ☺) Creating a connection with your audience through engaging content is the answer to seeing results from all your efforts. Think like a potential customer of your business and not like a business owner or marketer. What questions can you provide answers for, what information can you give to help them, what will make them trust you and get to know you and what will also make them smile or laugh and remember you for next time!

Gloss Tip: Diversify your content. Don’t stick to the same thing.

Measure what you’re doing.

Set up reports for your marketing that shows you how you’re tracking month to month. Whether it’s on social media and measuring followers, engagement and reach or your website and the traffic sources breakdown, you need to understand HOW your performing as this will identify what you need to improve on and what you need to do more of!

Gloss Tip: It’s not enough to just do reports every month. You actually need to analyse the data to be able to make informed decisions of what marketing is working for you and what isn’t.

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