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How to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign

How to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign


How to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign

A marketing campaign is a focused (generally with an overarching theme) initiative to achieve a specific marketing goal, whether that is brand awareness, sales or the like.

These aren’t something you think about one day and start the next. The details need to be well thought out and executed.

To ensure your marketing campaign is effective, here are my top 5 tips.


1. Decide on your campaign goal.

What is the outcome you want to achieve? Usually these are either leads, visitors, visibility or engagement. For each campaign you do, it needs to focus on one purpose. You’ll also need to set measurable KPI’s to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.


2. Define your target audience.

Who are you wanting to target for your campaign? Define demographics such as age, location, sex, education. Look at what online and offline channels they use and what times of day they would be most receptive.


3. What are your key campaign messages and offers?

What is the main message you want the target audience to remember or act upon? What promotion or offer you have – for example is it a time limited discount. What are the key messages you want communicated around your brand? How do you want to sound? And what is your main idea for a creative concept? How will you get your target audiences attention.


4. Which Marketing Channels will you use.

What channels are you going use to reach and influence your target audience? Think about offline and online and what ones your target audience uses the most. This is really going to be defined by your budget. Online channels are much more cost effective, but remember, not all are created equal.

Only choose the ones where your target audience is most active! And you don’t have to roll your campaign out across all channels at once. It can be more effective when you use wave approach.


5. Create a Campaign Plan

We use a campaign plan in excel (email us and we’ll be happy to share it with you) that has a checklist of all the tasks/items associated with our campaigns, the status of them and who is responsible. It also has an information sheet that is an overview of the campaign that defines the media schedule, media mix and budget and collateral.


All of this helps to keep us on track!


While this gives you a start to running a marketing campaign, there are heaps of other considerations that I didn’t go into. Remember that no campaign is perfect, you need to be fluid and change things throughout the campaign if they aren’t working. Marketing is definitely not set and forget, but the more you prepare the better the outcome.


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