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It’s a Holiday of Some Sort, Quick Send an Email!

It’s a Holiday of Some Sort, Quick Send an Email!

Email Marketing at Christmas

It’s a Holiday of Some Sort, Quick Send an Email!

Just before Christmas my inbox had an influx of season’s greetings emails from various businesses and people. As a business, this might seem like a great marketing action to take at that time of year, and don’t get me wrong, when I cut through all the crap there were some meaningful emails. BUT what struck me was the number of emails I received from businesses that:


  1. Had never sent me an email before or did so very sporadically. I don’t even know if they have an active mailing list??
  2. Were impersonal and cookie cutter

When I received some of them I actually thought, “who the f%%&k is that”, “that’s odd I haven’t spoken to them in over a year and have never been on their mailing list.” Amongst other things.


Just like everyone I receive a tonne of emails on a daily basis, so I am very selective as to the mailing lists I sign up to. I really need to have an interest in the content or a personal connection. For that reason, most of the mailing lists I subscribe to are industry related or ones that offer business advice.


The emails I received that stood out and that I 100% read, were from the people that took the time to send me one from their personal email or they were personilsed or they were from a client or I’m a client of. And when I say client of, I mean a product or service I am currently using, not one that I may have used two years ago and haven’t received an email since.


It’s like some businesses went “ok, let’s send a Christmas email out to everyone we can possibly think of, even clients from 10 years ago that we haven’t maintained any communication with and aren’t on our mailing list.” This to me does more damage than good, as it’s a poor attempt at customer service and engagement.


Email marketing is still one of the top marketing channels and mailing lists should be treated as a valuable asset. For email marketing to be effective you need to have a solid content and engagement strategy in place and send emails on a regular basis, not just when you feel you have to.


This year we never sent out any season greetings emails. A large portion of our mailing list aren’t clients, so why would someone who is still sitting in the awareness stage and maybe on the fence (who knows!) want to receive a generic email from us wishing them a Merry Christmas. It would have no real depth or feeling to it.


Instead when we saw our clients we of course wished them a Merry Christmas, we sent off personalised emails and made an effort to catch up with important contacts before and after (and are still doing this) the new year.


My point is, if you’re going to undertake email marketing haphazardly then just don’t do it or make it really count.


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