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Our Favourite Marketing Campaigns

Our Favourite Marketing Campaigns

Our Favourite Marketing Campaigns

We often give examples of marketing campaigns gone wrong to show why it’s important to really understand your brand, your target audience and how to marketing yourself correctly. But, what we sometimes overlook are the brands doing it right. There have been some incredible marketing campaigns run in more recent times and I want to share with you a few that come to mind;


One of my favourite campaigns would have to be by Tourism Queensland when they advertised “The Best Job in The World” Campaign. I’m sure you remember it, that job that one lucky person was going to get which would make them an island caretaker and pretty much have them enjoy every amazing thing Queensland had to offer. All they had to do was upload a video of themselves to apply! Not only did this go viral because of the interest it sparked (even I looked up how to apply and I’m the least adventurous person I know) but also it did an amazing job for getting Australia out there worldwide.


Is there anyone out there that doesn’t remember Rhonda and Ketuk? Didn’t’ think so! Back in 2013, AAMI launched their marketing campaign to raise awareness for their safe driver rewards program and it hit the homes of almost every Aussie! Although the relevance between their relationship and the brands message may have been slightly off, they successfully planted themselves in the minds of most of us to which 4 years down the track I’m sure the phrase “You look so hot today Rhonda, like a sunrise” still replays in your head!


This last campaign that always comes to mind when I think of brands doing it right is Apple and their ads for the iPhones FaceTime feature. You may recall their ads had music playing while you watched people from all walks of life use their iPhones FaceTime feature to connect with others. Lets be honest, Apple are pretty good at their marketing so we are bound to retain something right 🙂


So why do these 3 examples come to mind…they all create emotion and connect in one way or more with their audience. Just like I did, most people wanted to find out what the “dream job” would actually be! Whether you were sitting in your office, dropping the kids to school or studying late at night, that campaign encouraged everyone to find out more because anyone could enter. Plus it also created the urge to follow this campaign to see who applied and who won.


To be successful in marketing you need to connect with your audience and deliver your brands message in such a way that it will resonate with them and answer their needs. So when planning out your next campaign, find a way to really connect with your audience.

I would love to hear what your favourite marketing campaign is!


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