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Email Marketing – Are you using your database correctly?

Email Marketing – Are you using your database correctly?


Email Marketing – Are you using your database correctly?

When it comes to email marketing it is critical to manage your list. If setup and used correctly, your database will be very valuable and play an important role in your overall marketing strategy.

So, how do you know if you’re using your database correctly? I have a couple of tips for you.

Cleanse and keep it fresh. If you send out regular campaigns using a mail management program (like Mailchimp) you will be able to export a report on the hard and soft bounces. Regularly removing hard bounces and recurring soft bounces will keep your list fresh and active. A stale list will affect your email delivery. This also includes deleting subscribers who never open your emails. If you’re sending 1 to 2 emails each month and you have a subscriber who never opens your emails then you should consider removing them from your list.

TIP: Cleanse your list every 6 months – that way you give a subscriber time to open your emails.


Segment your database. Gender, Location, Services, Products, Events, Repeat Customers, the list goes on are a few segments you can create within your database. By segmenting your database you have the opportunity to send targeted and relevant content to a select audience. Segmentation is beneficial as it will improve your open and click through rate as you are sending information to the user that relates to them.

TIP: Don’t create multiple lists and databases. Have one list and create segments within it. This will give you a more accurate report on its success rate and growth rate.


Update subscription preferences. It is important that you let your subscribers know that they can choose what content they wish to receive from you. If you’re using a mail management account like mailchimp and have a paid version, you can create subscription preferences for your subscribers to choose from. For example some subscribers might want to receive your E-newsletter as well as product specials where as others may not be interested in receiving an E-newsletter but still want to keep updated when product specials are sent out.

TIP: Make sure you make it easy for people to unsubscribe – strange I know, but If you force a user to jump over hurdles before they can unsubscribe you can be sure that when they get to the end they won’t stick around to ‘manage their subscription’ and instead will leave and never return!


Avoid delay in sending emails. As you grow your database you want to make sure you are sending regular emails. People subscribing to your list are very interested in what you have to tell them – so be consistent and let them know when and what they can expect from you. There is nothing worse than subscribing to an email list and receiving nothing for months.

TIP: The first 30 days are the most important when it comes to new subscribers. If they don’t hear from you within the first 30 days they are more likely to unsubscribe upon receiving an email after this time.


Grow your database organically. We have said it once and we will say it again…never buy a database. It doesn’t matter how “reputable” the list claims to be or how “targeted” it is to your ideal client. The most effective email marketing strategy will always have a cleansed, relevant and organically grown database.

TIP: don’t get caught up in the numbers – a small list that is segmented will bring better results. Remember – quality over quantity.


It is important to remind yourself that your database won’t grow over night. It takes years and years to build up a reputable email list. Maintaining your database is critical for it to be successful and bring return on investment to your marketing campaign.


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