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Email Automation And Why It’s Important

Email Automation And Why It’s Important

Email Automation And Why Its Important

Email Automation And Why It’s Important

Email Automation is a great way to keep your customers engaged and cuts out a lot of the manual work in between. Put simply, email automation is pre-scheduling set emails to your mailing list over a period of time with specific goals, objectives or call to actions.


Whilst it can be difficult to get your head around it and plan out, once set up, it is a very effective way to keep working your customers through the marketing funnel.


Email Automation allows you to plan and schedule emails so you don’t have to worry about doing it daily. It saves a lot of manual labour as you can pre-schedule what emails are going to be sent and to whom. Which brings me to my next point about segmenting.


With email management programs such as Mailchimp, you can segment your lists and choose certain emails to send on certain days or at certain points in the buyer journey. For example, you can send emails to people who bought a product within a certain timeframe, who haven’t purchased within a certain timeframe, who have attended an event or have used one of your services in the past. Not only does segmenting your database help send relevant content to the user, accompanied with email automation, you can keep on top of your marketing and start to see results from your efforts (and not just and increased in the open rate).


So, how can you integrate email automation into your marketing strategy right now? You will need to be using a mail management program like Mailchimp. Once you have your lists setup you can go and create an automated campaign and set the  triggers, which will enable the automation. A great starting point is to set up a thank you email which is sent to a user after they subscribe to your mailing list.

email automation in mailchimp


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