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Are You Engaging In Influencer Marketing? Please Stop.

Are You Engaging In Influencer Marketing? Please Stop.

Are You Engaging In Influencer Marketing? Please Stop.

Are You Engaging In Influencer Marketing? Please Stop.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of the so called “influencers” on Instagram. To me a true influencer is someone who has a holistic influence, not just on social media. Businesses, especially small ones, seem to be caught up in the hype and are still jumping on the influencer marketing bandwagon.

The other day a friend commented that her sister in law was trying to become an Instagram influencer. Seriously? I can’t tell you how many times I see a company engage a so-called influencer and have zero return on investment.

The Instagram Influencer Market is booming and Instagram has taken notice. You know why there are so many influencers? It’s because they are fake. It’s super easy to buy a bucket load of fake followers and you’re well on your way to becoming and influencer. Then a small unsuspecting company comes along and gives them free product in the hopes of seeing some form of ROI.

Here’s my reasons why you shouldn’t be investing in Influencer Marketing.

1. There is a large portion of Influencers with fake followers
I urge you to head to Social Blade and type in an Instagram account. What you see might surprise you. There are quite a few Instagrammers in Perth with fake followers making up a good portion of their followers.

Wannabe influencers engage in services to gain them followers. Instagram has recently shut down sites like Instagress which violate Instagram’s term of use. I bet you’ve seen comments like “Awesome”, “Love It”. Fake, fake, fake. All users have to do is pay for the number of likes and comments they want and then bots do the rest.

2. They Have Over Exposed Themselves
When you constantly see someone you follow on Instagram promoting different products you disengage with them. I stop looking at their posts or Insta stories and simply tune out. They are getting paid or getting free products to promote, so they have no loyalty to the product apart from probably cash.

3. The Rise of the Micro Influencer
The micro influencer in our local market is someone who has between 1000-5000 real followers. If you’re looking for return on investment and not general awareness, then look to the micro’s. People relate more authentically to them and generally a good proportio9jn of their followers they know, so they can wield more influence. They’re also not approached as often, if at all, which makes them even more appealing.

4. You’ll Get More Engagement and Higher Conversion with Advertising
If you’re spending $1000 on an influencer marketing campaign, imagine how much that $1000 would get you through social media advertising. Facebook in particular allows you to zoom in on your target market, where with an influencer on Instagram they really can’t give you a definitive answer on who their followers are made up of.

So before you commit to an influencer marketing campaign, weigh up if it’s really going to beneficial.


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