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8 Reasons Why You Should Do Email Marketing

8 Reasons Why You Should Do Email Marketing

8 Reasons Why You Should Do Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a proven tool that can directly affect your bottom line and grow your business. Most businesses focus on getting new clients and leads and often forget to keep in contact and market to their existing clients. Email Marketing is a great medium to use to keep in contact with your current, past and new contacts with offers, specials, news and information. Here are 8 reasons why you should consider email marketing as part of your marketing strategy.

  • We all use email – Personally and professional we all check, read and respond to emails almost daily. This platform is used more frequently than social media for most people so it is a great medium to use to ensure that your message gets delivered.


  • Guaranteed reach to your database. Provided your list is cleaned and up to date you know your emails are being delivered. Whilst It is up to the individual to read it or not, you can be sure that your email is sitting in their inbox until they act on what they will do with it. Unlike social media where your post may be missed by the time your fan comes online.


  • Longer life spam – some social media posts will last up to 2 hours from the time of post where as emails will sit in a inbox until the uses acknowledges it (subject to settings ie. Archiving) certain content in your email marketing may end up in the junk folder.


  • Analytics – you have the ability to get detailed reports of each email you send (provided you use a email management program such as Mailchimp) that will detail your open rate, bounce rate, click through rate, number of opens per contact etc.


  • Promotional – There is an expectation to receive specials, offers and information via email as opposed to social media where your ability to promote your services falls within 20% of your posts. You have the ability to schedule regular emails out to your database to inform them of real time offers you are running to encourage traction to your website or store.


  • Segmentation – Email management programs such as Mailchimp allow you to segment your database so you can send out targeted campaigns to selective people within your list. For example you can choose to send to people on your list in particular suburbs, or based on a particular service or product that they have purchased/used from you.


  • Sells to existing customers – As mentioned above, most businesses don’t market or keep in contact with their existing or past clients. Sending out a monthly E- Newsletter is a great way to keep your clients up to date on what you are doing.


  • Privacy – Emails are private allowing you to have direct and personalised communication between your business and your client.


So if you’re not already convinced that why you should do email marketing then we encourage you to come along to our Email Marketing Interactive Workshop on 28th October. Click here to book your seat.


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