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8 Local Business Marketing Ideas

8 Local Business Marketing Ideas

8 Local Business Marketing Ideas

If you’re a local business there are plenty of marketing activities you can be doing that are cost effective or free to increase your awareness. Here are our top 8!

1. Create Instructional Videos

Video is an extremely valuable marketing tool and it’s something you can do by yourself on your smartphone or laptop! Video is proven to have a higher reach and engagement on social media as it allows the user to emotionally connect better with you as it gives an insight into your business and humanizes it for them. Try creating video tips that relate to your industry or a video with this week’s specials or simply a behind the scenes look into your business

2. Join Facebook Groups

If you aren’t a part of Facebook Groups then you need to be asap! There are a multitude of Facebook groups that purely allow you to advertise your business or are suburb centric. Just make sure you’re selective about which groups you become a part of as it can become time consuming and also take the time to read the rules or guidelines of the group.

3. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great medium to use to keep in contact with your current, past and new contacts with offers, specials, news and information. Sending out a monthly E- Newsletter is a great way to keep your clients up to date on what you are doing.Make sure you use a mail management program like Mailchimp and avoid sending emails from Outlook or gmail. Email Marketing must also be permission based so be careful when adding emails to your database when first setting up your mail management program.

4. Promote your Business on Free Online Directories

Being listed on Local Directories can help people find your business they also help search engines like Google decide whether or not to show your business to searchers. Directories show your business name, address, phone number and website and also often categorise your business under one or more specific categories such as “hairdresser” or “beauty salon”Popular directories include: TrueLocal, StartLocal, Look Local WA and Yelp.

5. Social Media

It’s a given that your business should be on social media, but make sure you only select the social media channels that suit your business and your target audience hangs out. Facebook is your best starting point as it’s the most popular social network & allows businesses to build stronger, more immediate relationships with users.

6. Get Reviews

88% of consumers trust online reviews – they are essentially an extension of word of mouth marketing. Focus on getting reviews on your Local Directories and Social Media. And if you do happen to receive a bad review, don’t bury your head in the sand, make sure you respond to it in a timely manner. Be courteous and think about how you’re going to respond. Don’t be defensive.

7. Sponsor a Local Sporting Team

Sponsoring a local sporting team can generate great publicity for a small investment, especially if you are a local business. It helps build brand awareness as you’ll have opportunities to display your logo. Find sponsorship opportunities that have access to your target market (who you want to be selling to)

8. Create Relationships

Identify businesses that you don’t compete with but have the same or similar target audiences. Could you offer them something that would benefit their customers and vice versa? Would they be willing to promote you in their newsletter? There are a lot of benefits from creating these types of relationships.A lot of local and small businesses don’t place enough emphasis on marketing as they simply don’t have the funds, but as you can see with the above you don’t need a hefty marketing budget, but you do need the focus and commitment to see the marketing activities through.


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